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  1. kanesex
    06.02.2016 @ 02:39

    Holy Advent of Lord Ezada Sinn

    I pray to Lord Ezada Sinn, the one who holds my universe in her hands. I pray to Goddess Ezada Sinn, the one full of greatness and mercy. I bow down to her perfection.

    I sing praise to Allah Ezada Sinn, for she has transformed my life in to a more meaningful one and given me purpose. I sing praise to Goddess Ezada Sinn, the most beautiful one.

    My prayers each day are to Allah Ezada Sinn facing in the direction of her holy abode. I kneel at her images and am transcended in to her world of magic and spirituality.

  2. Chris
    07.02.2016 @ 03:51

    The blessing of drinking the Holy Champagne of the true Goddess Ezada Sinn is so unique .
    So lucky to be with Her ,slave sit that i truly envy you .
    Cannot wait to read the details of you being fed with Her Sacred Caviar and truly imagining myself being so lucky in my life .
    My Queen ,my Goddess ,my Religion blessing me to a way that only EzadaSinnists can understand .

  3. slave g
    13.02.2016 @ 00:49

    Goddess, i cannot stop thinking and needing to live as Your toilet bowl and spit bucket. Living in Your beautiful Superior waste 24/7 imprisoned and enslaved to You for the rest of my life in Your slave pit

  4. stanley
    26.03.2018 @ 12:04

    Hello, for a divine Lady. She is an unattainable ideal of a dominant woman in the world. I am a hot fan and a slave

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