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  1. jbdandy
    04.05.2019 @ 12:32

    I’ll like to do your slave.If you will come to Barcelona sometime , you could submit to me in chastity

  2. Ezada
    06.05.2019 @ 09:49

    I believe you wanted to say you would like to submit to Me. However, I rarely meet new boys nowadays. My owned chattels are enough.

  3. Just2servegoddessezada
    26.05.2019 @ 11:20

    Hi my goddess if there a way to worship and serve your in Lisbon may after that I can be your slaves for ever and sigh a contact under your shoes
    i love you too much

  4. camden
    05.06.2019 @ 01:43

    i worship lzada
    Your worship is a holy duty on every male slave. Your shoes are more valuable than the male creature. If I had the opportunity to taste the pain of your whip.

  5. Joaquin Veyron
    14.06.2019 @ 13:44

    The World Belongs to Dominant Women
    This blog is dedicated to fantasy and reality of female domination. Dominant women are genuine goddesses who only need to become aware of their power that comes out of female domination … and the sky is the limit. Thus, they will find more submissive men who become most willingly their slaves, servants and underlings who serve adorable goddesses in business, in private and public life. The world belongs to dominant women.

  6. Aaron
    03.07.2019 @ 21:29

    I really like to be your slave

  7. Hatem
    09.07.2019 @ 15:54

    Hi I would really love to serve you be your slave and your property I am really obedient to goddess like you I will worship you

  8. Sissysasha
    14.07.2019 @ 18:56

    What a wonderful read! This brings me back to a night that changed my life forever when I had the honour of a session with Mistress Ezada in London. It was on this night that I became a sissy slut forever. I was 23 years old at the time and was dressed like a total slut for Mistress’s amusement. I remember being tied down tightly and filled in my holes. I was then made to dance like a stripper which was so humiliating. I became so horny in awe of Mistress’s perfect body that I begged to worship her ass. I promised her I would do anything to worship her ass and without thinking even said I would suck cock. Little did I know her husband was next door and before I knew it I had my first cock deep down my throat. What an experience. I am now a complete sissy who obsesses over cock and cum on my face. Thank you Mistress for showing me what a pathetic slut I am.

  9. Ricky
    16.07.2019 @ 12:31

    Mistress..Will you help me out in crossdressing in tights and in bondage…??pls
    Instructions will also be enough

  10. Ezada
    29.07.2019 @ 18:43

    Sure, general training via My fan page 1-to-1 training possible for an extra fee.

  11. Ezada
    29.07.2019 @ 18:44

    I am pleased to hear it. you need more training though!

  12. Manish sharma
    06.08.2019 @ 09:38

    I want to be your pet dog or bitch
    My whatsapp”_7372941622

  13. Vivek
    08.08.2019 @ 19:14

    Dear goddess here in india there is one fraud mistress with name seema she as uploaded your photo & looting innocent people.You Please do something goddess.

  14. Aki
    04.09.2019 @ 05:32

    Yes i want drink ur

  15. Vijjudu
    01.02.2021 @ 11:03

    Goddess I want to be your obedient, submissive, and totally surrendering Toilet Slave at your HOLY FEET worshipping you as my Devine Goddess serving you taking and enduring all the sever tirture& punishments. I want to surrender to your feet in body and mind My Goddess. I beg you My Devine Goddess to please pick me your Toilet Slave and begin to advise me how to go about.

  16. Vijjudu
    01.08.2021 @ 13:14

    Oh!My Devine Goddess I beg you to pick me your Toilet Slave and let me eat all your Scat ,drink your Pee beg you to advise me how to go about.

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