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  1. pink poodle
    24.11.2018 @ 18:51

    It is a wonderful device, Stapana mea. After wearing for just over a week, the only issue has been some minor pinching as i get used to it under my clothes. i will do a more detailed review after a couple of weeks of wearing.

  2. jim marro
    26.11.2018 @ 21:47

    worthless slave me live in Arrizona US. Am senior interested iin correspondence domination. i beg on my knees for YOUR SUPREMACY over me. i will obey and lick whenever and whatever YOU command. To crawl to YOU with YOUR soiled panties in my worthless mouth stuffed in with the heels of YOUR STILETTOS makes be beg to cum on YOUR COMMAND only.

  3. Ezada
    03.12.2018 @ 10:07

    My schedule is too tight for 1-to-1 training but you can join for general submissive training

  4. Reizla
    03.03.2019 @ 08:44

    Dear Goddess Ezada Sinn,
    You’re talking about unlocking with an allen key, and you are right that that’s not possible. The key is in torx format. With the size of the torx being pretty small, it’s hard to come by. That is unless you’re an electro mechanic (ICT for instance) where these small torcx are used at times (I have a full set of those so my Miss won’t probably be using that type of lock :p).

  5. Subzero
    29.08.2019 @ 21:00

    What happenens when a sub gets an erection? It must be very painful?

  6. Slave C the male whoreboy
    20.04.2020 @ 21:50

    It is difficult to convey how much I would love to be owned by and changed into Mistress Ezada’s perfect slave property! I wish to be whatever she deems that I should be! My fantasies have nothing to do with it but it would be a source of pride to be displayed to others with my Owned by Mistress Ezada brand above my cock cage.

  7. Jake
    01.06.2020 @ 06:28

    The link no longer works ): is the site no longer available?

  8. Thomas j perrier
    25.11.2020 @ 17:41

    I want to kiss her all over. Especially on her feet also give her a likn.

  9. Vivian
    11.03.2021 @ 19:56

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