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  1. George
    14.09.2017 @ 17:04

    I sell fur coats in the Boston area is there anyway i can send you a few Furs goddess?(:

  2. Ezada
    14.09.2017 @ 22:41

    Email Me via contact form.

  3. JasonLamarr
    18.02.2020 @ 22:34

    .iam#slavboi.bleu..iam having trouble in purchasing,some of YUR.FAVORITE,B.Day. GIFTS…i needYUR Shipping Address..and any info I may need to transactions FOR..YU.MY.GODDESS.TO RECEIVE.
    ..Once again.. i apologize for my lack of manners..iam#slavboi.bleu

  4. GoddessEzadaBeliever
    23.04.2020 @ 04:29

    My Goddess,

    I begin by paying my respects, as the object of your property that I am.

    Regarding your fetish for really high heels I would like to ask you if the following products exceed the height you would wear.

    I would also like to ask you if it pleases you to sodomize with your heels.

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