My recommendation for a custom made chastity device: Red Chily Chastity

you already know how much I love orgasm control and over the years I tried countless models of chastity devices. From the widely popular CB6000 to expensive custom made models. After all these years I have concluded: if you are serious about chastity and orgasm control you MUST invest in a custom made chastity device. The problem is most custom made models comes with a big price tag (sit’s chastity device costed a little over 3 000 usd) and not many can or want to invest this amount in a chastity device. But I found out not all custom made chastity devices are so expensive. One can get now a custom chastity device for a fraction of the price he would have paid for all the cheap, not comfortable, sometimes unusable Prêt-à-porter chastity cages. I probably paid thousands on all the chastity devices I bought for hubby over the years and with the exception of BON4 and Birdlock most models I tried were useless for long term chastity.

Several months ago I discovered on Twitter Red Chily Chastity. I was very intrigued by their “Hannibal” model and I ordered one to fit hubby. Soon after I received the package and I was impressed by the craftsmanship. I loved it. I make hubby wear it for punishment, several hours at a time. Of course, he is intensely teased while he must wear it. The dicklet is bent to the back, so imagine the fun…My fun, not his. hehe.

Soon after I put My hands on the Hannibal I decided to order another one, more suitable for long term chastity. I instructed My pink poodle to order the “sissy cage“. Several weeks later I met pink poodle and I had the pleasure to inspect My property locked in this new metal custom made chastity. I am very, very pleased with the way it looks. Much more discreet under the clothes than a regular chastity device, easy to clean, therefore it can be worn for long stretches of time without the need to remove it, very smooth, no sharp edges and of course, very secure as it is custom made. his dick is not big anyway but in this cage it really looks tiny, which is great as I like to emasculate him as much as possible.

I personally find the locking system very ingenious and the key super pretty, shaped as a heart. It can easily be worn as a jewelry. I have’t made a research to see if the locking system can be unlocked with a special Allen Key but I believe it can’t as the key has a very special pattern.


If you do not own a chastity device and you think of buying one make yourself a favor and buy a Red Chily Chastity device.