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  1. Peter Evans
    11.10.2020 @ 15:22

    Punishment for dirty boots.

    Being given the responsibility of keeping Mistress Ezada’s leatherware and of course Her boots is a wonderful privilege & honour.

    However this comes with great responsibility and therefore if a slave fails in any small way then it goes without saying that he should be punished by being whipped.

    A further punishment – and one that could be more cruel & effective – would be to impose a ban on him being allowed to lick Mistress’s boots clean. This duty being given to a stand-in slave – or a slave in training.

    To make matters worse he could be made to witness extremely closely the spectacle of his Goddess’s boots being licked clean by this new addition to Mistress Ezada’s stable of slaves.

    One can imagine Mistress Ezada could even turn the screw even more by making sure that Her beautiful leather boots are especially dirty and extremely muddy. Knowing the mindset of Her retained slave – he’d be very sad and totally dejected!

    This was because he not only thrived by licking Her boots – but the dirtier they were the more he relished it.

    Witnessing another slave licking His Mistress’s boots the uppers of the boots was bad enough with thoughts of jealousy & sadness – but when Mistress lifted Her leg to expose the sole of Her boot visibly dirty and saw at close hand the trainee slave diligently licking the dirty sole – he was devastated & had tears running down his cheek.

    He swore to himself there and then that if he regained his position he’d never make a mistake again!

  2. booticker
    14.02.2021 @ 00:23

    The privilege of licking the sacred boots of such a Divine Goddess as Mistress Ezada Sinn is more honour than any male slave deserves. When Mistress is kind enough to permit one of these unworthy pigs the gift of cleaning Her precious footwear, the animal cannot possibly express enough thanks. Even performing perfectly is not sufficient — and no mere slave can ever hope to attain the level of perfection demand and deserved by the Ultimate Mistress.
    Therefore, the only answer is that every slave is whipped after performing any service for the Divine Mistress, for the simple reason that it can never do the job satisfactorily. There will always be a failure. Even if the job appears to be perfect, Mistress always expects more, and Her whip must answer for the disappointment which Her slave has caused.
    This scene is another example of the Divine Perfection of Mistress Ezada and the great fortune She bestows on those worthy slaves She allows to adore and serve Her, in spite of their appalling inability to reach the level of Her expectation.

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