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  1. Cesar
    01.04.2018 @ 15:30

    Beautiful !!!

  2. pink poodle
    01.04.2018 @ 18:47

    A wonderful clip Stapana mea

    19.04.2018 @ 20:50


  4. John
    10.01.2019 @ 22:13

    Goddess Ezada

    You are such a perfect Goddess. i dream of being a video slave for You. Please if You are ever in the United States and seek a slave for a video shoot please please goddess consider me. Thank you. john

  5. Ezada
    20.01.2019 @ 11:13

    Thank you, but I only film with My collared chattels nowadays.

    29.07.2019 @ 18:36

    So what do you do when you want to actually fuck? Do you use a slave or do you have a special stallion for that job only? Thank you

  7. Ezada
    29.07.2019 @ 18:42

    I use My husband for penetrative sex if I feel like using him this way. he knows how to please Me perfectly both with his mouth and his beautiful dick. I trained him well over the last 8 years.

  8. Jasonlamarr
    11.02.2021 @ 15:01 all men..withAHER.BEAUTY..HER.POWER..HET CUNNING..dis#slavboi melts UNDAHER..hisknneesbuckl.IN HER.PRESENCE..hewiuershipsHER..ALL.DAYS

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