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  1. servantf
    28.11.2020 @ 18:33

    i’ve always preferred the more naturalistic depictions of Female dominance.

    i love the softness of the pastel colour-palette, and the overall simplicity of the image. For me, it’s made all the more powerful and emotive because you can’t see the features of those depicted. They’re both facing away from the viewer; the dominant Female’s looking out to sea, admiring the horizon, whilst her submissive male wisely keeps his gaze lowered to the stunning white sands upon which he obediently kneels. The calmness of the water, and the sailing-boat in the distance adds to the serene beauty of this intimate moment.

    i can see why Matriarch Ezada loves this work of art so much.

    Multumesc, Matriarch Ezada Sinn

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