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  1. Keil ,Ulf
    05.04.2019 @ 11:03

    Eine wunderschöne Dominate Herrin !

    Wie gerne würde ich unter Ihren Füssen liegen !!
    Mich der Herrin hingeben mit allen Konsequenzen für mich !
    Ihre Peitsche Spüren und Anbeten, den Schmerz für die Göttin ertragen !

  2. Tee Moran
    25.04.2020 @ 04:17

    The Goddess Ezada Sinn is perfection incarnate! She is the divine ruler sent from the heavens. To worship HER in anyway will be the greatest gift to receive for any lowly slave. Although this insignificant male does not deserve such a gift, I still dream of it being a reality to worship her beautiful rear end and to be deflowered by her magnificent strapon so deep that I can barely stand it. I will try to not cum without her permission or I will honorable take her punishments as bravely as I can.

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