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  1. christian
    29.03.2018 @ 19:05

    Goddess EZADA …good evening ..

    You make me crazy …but i m afraid to start an email training with You Goddess Ezada …since more then two hours i was looking Your twitter ..i fell strange …

    i wish You the best Goddess Ezada

  2. Ezada
    29.03.2018 @ 22:28

    Continue to follow Me, boy!

  3. Ail. Nesr
    09.04.2018 @ 21:59

    I love you and your love is video ezada

  4. Tim Friend
    13.09.2019 @ 02:12

    It’s an honor to meet a Superior Women like you. I love it when women emasculate men and just dominate them. I am so happy the world is heading towards a femdom world. From what you have seen so you think femdom will go mainstream in the next 10 years.


    A submissive man

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