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  1. pink poodle
    02.12.2016 @ 08:05

    Thank You for publishing Stapana mea, and thank You for a wonderful visit.

  2. TubbySubby
    02.12.2016 @ 21:03

    Incredible. Such stunning images of Ezada Sinn and an excellent and authentic story, as well. This is why i love to visit this site and purchase clips at

  3. Ezadalover
    03.12.2016 @ 00:53

    Ohh’ amazing reading, I am reading over and over again. Thanks for sharing this deep of love story.. Goddes Ezada, Sinn, extremely sexy and beautiful pictures . I love You

  4. horstie fm
    03.12.2016 @ 21:43

    It’s not overstating the case to say that experiencing directly Goddess’ Female dominance for five days must be the greatest in a humble male life. i envy pink poodle.

  5. Neil brady Collier
    04.12.2016 @ 17:41

    Im a borned slave put on earth to sign my life to the sadist dominate mistress ,had 2 lost them ,. Its like i don’t exit , not my duties ,but this second i would sign my life to her despite crurtest pain an torture ,i would deserve it severely worse than anyone, text call22899o7591

  6. DennieSub
    07.12.2016 @ 18:31

    Couldn’t stop reading this story. I can imagine the struggle between lust and pain. Being so helpless but still wanting more just to please the Mistress. The man’ s mind is a strange thing. And itso great to see a Mistress taking time to use a slave completely.
    Compliments and love,

  7. ken
    08.12.2016 @ 19:49

    What a wonderful piece of writing and an amazing experience

  8. Venus
    26.02.2017 @ 20:02

    You are interested, beautiful and extraordinary.

  9. MADHU
    08.07.2017 @ 11:57

    i wish i were the man. I am ready to surrender everything for you misress for your treatment

  10. Sem
    06.08.2017 @ 19:23

    Hi I Love you Ezada sinn

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