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  1. pink poodle
    26.11.2016 @ 12:38

    Thank You for introducing me to Horsie Stapana mea

  2. Ezada
    26.11.2016 @ 12:52

    With pleasure 😀

  3. pink poodle
    26.11.2016 @ 13:11

    I felt Your pleasure Stapana mea

  4. Mistress Ezada's Stiletto Nail Slut
    26.11.2016 @ 21:21

    OMG! A truly amazing scene. Your HORSIE Cock is so Big, Thick and Long. I want to suck & deep throat it so Bad and THENI want to CHALLENGE YOU in a live session:

    That I can take your HORSIE Cock deeper than Pink Poodle did, by taking “FOUR (4) more inches DEEP inside my sissy pussy”.

  5. Ezada
    27.11.2016 @ 11:09

    I am looking forward to try it on you, My slut

  6. pink poodle
    27.11.2016 @ 12:09

    i would say “be careful what you wish for” but it was truly amazing. Being impaled on “Horsie” certainly let’s one know one’s place as Goddess’ bitch.

  7. A visit in Bucharest by slave pink poodle – Goddess Ezada Sinn
    02.12.2016 @ 00:00

    […] poodle to become acquainted with “Horsie”, Goddess’ huge horse cock, you can read about that here. Kneeling in from of Goddess, dressed in latex wearing that huge strap-on is a very intimidating […]

  8. Swedish ES fan
    20.12.2019 @ 00:50

    Mistress Ezada is truly the most wonderful, sexy and hottest woman of all time! 🙂
    I would walk through fire to be dominated by her. 😛

  9. GoddessEzadaBeliever
    23.04.2020 @ 06:11

    As his property, I dream that the Goddess Ezada will sodomize me with his horse cock, with his heel, his fist or with the object that she wants. What matters is your pleasure, I’m just your whore.

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