A visit in Bucharest by slave pink poodle

It is a cold morning in November as i walk down the street, but my spirits are high. Why? i am on the start of my journey to visit my Owner Goddess Ezada Sinn in Bucharest. So so excited, 5 whole days under Goddess’ total control. i exist to please my Owner, doing so in person is so special.

After a lengthy journey i arrive at the apartment where we will be staying, i greet my Owner with a kiss of Her boots. i am in heaven, happy to be back under Goddess boots. Goddess commands me in to collaring position and the metal collar is placed and locked around my neck. This is the first time the collar has been placed by Goddess’ hand, it feels so much better, a seal of Goddess’ Ownership of this poodle. The collar will remain around my neck for the majority of my visit, only removed if Goddess should will it to be so. In truth, i loved wearing it in public, it felt perfect to have such a symbol around my neck.


For the five days of my visit i would be sleeping in the same room as my Owner, not in Her bed of course, but on the floor next to it. What a wonderful feeling, to wake up with Goddess on the bed above me smiling down.

As usual i have brought Goddess gifts for the honour of serving Her, i think i may have been as excited as She was as She opened them. One of the gifts is a beautiful 8 foot long bullwhip from a mutual friend, Goddess looks so happy as she unfurls it. Too big to be used in the apartment, i do not feel the sting on this visit but i am sure i will in the future. Another of the gifts gets immediate use, a leather arm binder. Goddess commands me to put my arms behind and fastens up the device. Helpless, there is no other description, with my hands tightly bound i am totally defenceless to whatever Goddess wants to do. Very quickly, my nipples discover what Goddess wishes to do as they are squeezed and twisted. Goddess loves torturing Her slave’s nipples, seeing the pain in Her slave’s face. my nipples are in agony, but i am also aroused, the chastity becoming tighter and tighter around Goddess’ (my) cock.

It is morning, W/we have had breakfast. Goddess takes hold of my collar and pulls me into the bedroom. Lay on the bed Goddess commands, She wishes to have fun with Her property. Soon i find myself unable to see or breathe and with my nipples on fire. i am in heaven and hell, heaven is being under Goddess divine ass as She take a seat on my face. i love to be used as Her seat, sniffing Her divine ass. Goddess’ ass is so perfect. Hell is the pain from nipples (maybe a little bit of heaven there too), Goddess has decided to torture my nipples for Her amusement while She uses my face for Her pleasure. Laying there in pain, trying to cope without oxygen certainly makes one understand one’s place. i exist only for my Owner’s amusement.


Visiting Goddess is to be of use in any way She wishes, and soon i am to be filmed while being used for Goddess’s amusement. As we arrange Goddess’ arsenal of toys on the table, my eyes are drawn to one particular item, Goddess’ horse cock, i have already been told i will be feeling it. Seeing it up close is daunting, it is a huge cock. As i stand naked apart from my chastity cage i can hear Goddess preparing in the bedroom, there is the unmistakable sound of latex. So so excited. Goddess looks stunning in anything, but latex really shows off Her amazing body.

Goddess steps out of the bedroom and i am stunned, the latex catsuit simply clings to every curve of Her beautiful body. At this point i cannot comprehend how i could be lucky enough to serve such a beautiful Woman. Time for me to be used for Goddess’ amusement, i am commanded to put my hands behind my back and the monoglove is put on. my hands are now useless, i am helpless to whatever Goddess wishes to do.

Goddess wishes to be worshipped, kneeling before Her with my hands useless. Only my tongue is of any use. Looking up at my Owner i am filled with desire. The command comes to kiss Goddess’ beautiful latex clad ass, oh my how i love this. i love Goddess beautiful round ass so much. i kiss and kiss all over. “Lick” comes the command, “i want to feel a strong tongue”. i lick this wonderful ass with as much passion as i can and as hard as i can. “Lick My spit” Goddess commands, i seek out the spit with my tongue and greedily lick up Her divine spit. i am in heaven, this is where i belong, under Goddess control worshipping Her divinity. i lick and lick until Goddess is satisfied. It is time to move on to something else. Something which will be more challenging.


Ballbusting….Goddess enjoys destroy men’s balls for Her pleasure, seeing the agony in their eyes as Her foot connects with the soft squishy things between their legs. i have never suffered a ballbusting before, i am very nervous. my chastity is removed and Goddess begins by teasing my cock, making it hard, bringing me to the edge but not allowing a release. Goddess grabs a hold of collar and holds me in place while She knees my balls. The first couple don’t connect fully, but then…..BAM….that one did. Oh my Goddess….the agony, it hurt like hell, i feel the breath slip from me. It has only just, begun, it will get much harder. Goddess lets go and i am commanded to give Her more space. Goddess needs room to really kick my balls. Kick, kick kick……..ahhhhhhhhh……the third kick connects very well with my balls. Absolute agony, i double over in pain, struggling for breath. It feels like when i have been hit in the balls by a football, but it doesn’t stop. “Turn around” i am commanded, Goddess wishes to kick from behind. Oh but this is very painful, will my balls ever work again? Kick, kick, kick…..ahhhhhhhh…….that one really really connected, i bend over struggling for breath. Goddess grabs hold of me and pulls me up, She has a huge smile on Her face. my agony has pleased my Owner. But my ordeal is not over just yet. Time for some tease and denial and more torture.

Goddess grabs the nipple clamps and pushes me on to the sofa, my hand beneath me and Goddess astride me, there is no escape. Holding the clamp, Goddess commands me to stick out my tongue. This surprises me, but the next action surprises me even more, the clamp is placed on my tongue. AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH……..so so painful, almost as bad as the ballbusting. Goddess rubs against Her (my) cock, teasing me with Her latex clad body, i am so so aroused, but no relief comes. Driven to edge time and time again. Goddess controls this cock, only She will decide when it is allowed a release. The teasing continues, the clamps are alternated between my nipples and my tongue. i am a heaven and hell of pain, arousal and frustration. Eventually, after much teasing, Goddess decides to give me a release. But, no pleasure for me, it is of course a ruined orgasm. i cum, but it is pure frustration. Not enough, Goddess wants more, the teasing continues again and again. Edge, edge, edge, then another ruined orgasm. In the end, 3 ruined orgasms, no pleasure only pain and frustration for this poodle. Goddess is smiling, She has really enjoyed torturing Her poodle.

Is my ordeal over? No, not just, yet. It is time for poodle to become acquainted with “Horsie”, Goddess’ huge horse cock, you can read about that here. Kneeling in from of Goddess, dressed in latex wearing that huge strap-on is a very intimidating and humbling experience. After taking that, there is no doubt that i am Goddess’ bitch, this is my place. my ass was very very stretched, i think it may still be wide open.


Serving Goddess does not consist of 24/7 whips, chains, teasing and torture. Goddess also needs to be pampered. At the end of each evening Goddess likes Her feet to be massaged. This is such an honour and an intimate ritual, it is a great privilege to serve Her in this way. i am not a foot fetishist, but i love Her beautiful feet, every part of Goddess deserves to be worshipped. The final act of the evening, to give Goddess’ foot a kiss before going to sleep. Below Goddess kissing Her foot as She looks down up on me, it makes me feel a deep submission and love for Her.

Goddess loves to have a relaxing bath at the end of a busy day. The slave’s task is to prepare the bath for Her. i do this each evening, enjoying knowing Goddess is able to relax. Goddess surprises me when one day She tells me I will be bathing with Her. Shock doesn’t quite capture what i was feeling, so so excited. i never ever expected this. No no no…..of course Goddess was not naked, i am not worthy of such an honour. Goddess wears Her bathing suit, i, just my chastity. It is not long before Goddess decides She will have some fun at the expense of Her poodle. Soon I find myself pushed down by my Owner, my head just above the water, looking up in utter submission as She easily pins me down. Now for the real fun, Goddess begins to tease Her (my) cock. Of course the chastity remains on as Goddess teases and rubs Her body against Her locked cock. So so aroused, soon i am sporting an enormous erection, the chastity pointing out from my body. Utter utter frustration and a huge smile from my Owner. Goddess truly loves seeing Her slaves frustrated. The following day i am also allowed a bath, this time in Goddess’ used water. “There’s a little of me in there” Goddess states, i will leave the meaning of this to the reader’s imagination.


Bucharest is a beautiful city and visiting with such a beautiful companion as Goddess Ezada Sinn was an utter delight. Goddess is such charming company, visiting the various sites was wonderful. As we walk around town, the collar remains around my neck. It remains in plain sight for anyone to see and know i am Owned. Was i worried? Not at all but it is of no consequence, i had no choice and just had to accept it. On one day we visited a beautiful church, Saint George New Church, which was founded by Constantin Brâncoveanu. It is a really beautiful church, but one thing stands out. On the entrance to the church there is a painting on each side of the door, to the left was heaven and to the right was hell. i must admit to finding my eyes drawn to the right. The scene reminds me of so many things i have experienced since beginning my service to Goddess Ezada Sinn.

When serving Goddess, one must be careful as punishments can easily be earned. Over the 5 days of my visit i manage to earn 40 whiplashes. It is on my last day that the punishments will be given out. As I stand before my Owner, She looks amazing in Her red leather outfit, i am made to recall the reasons for my punishment. i recite the first 3; for walking in front of Her, for laughing inappropriately and for failing to fill Goddess’ glass in the restaurant. i cannot remember the final one, this is not good. Goddess informs me that i will be given the first 30 lashes and if i cannot remember i will be whipped until i remember. Oh did i do some thinking. Goddess shows me the whip She will be using, a cat of nine tails, a gift from Her slave sit. It looked a lot less formidable than it felt (i would later find out from sit that it was loaded with shot). The punishment begins on my nipples, as the lashes land i am in absolute agony. Each lash felt like multiple lashes across my sensitive nipples. i thought long and hard under that whip, desperate to remember my error. That whip certainly helps to inspire ones memory.


At the end of the 30 lashes Goddess asks me if i can remember, thankfully i can and i recall the embarrassing incident to my Owner. The final 10 lashes would be for farting while i was massaging Her feet. i am mortified as i recall the embarrassing incident, maybe my introduction to “Horsie” has left me with little control of my ass. Ten more punishment lashes land, oh my Goddess do they hurt. At the end i find my ordeal is not over, more lashes just for Goddess enjoyment, my back and ass have not taken anything. Whack, whack, whack, the lashes continue to rain down, Goddess loving every minute and Her poodle being reduced to tears. Finally it is over, Goddess is pleased and i am allowed to embrace Her holding on tightly, hugging the legs of my beloved Owner.

The next morning Goddess removes my collar, my time serving in person is at an end, but not my service to Her. i am Her property. i worship You Goddess Ezada Sinn, i belong to You.