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  1. sissyletty
    05.07.2015 @ 13:54

    Day 1 Tiger balm
    – The product was kept for 21 minutes
    – The first sensacions 2 seconds after put the tiger balm
    – Pain start about 20 seconds
    – Pain culminated about 5 minutes
    – Level of pain 5
    – Be with the chassity on and put the product on the clitty start bigger and it was hard at the first minutes

  2. sissyletty
    05.07.2015 @ 14:25

    Day 2 Toothpaste
    – The product was kept for 16 minutes
    – The first sensacions 30 seconds
    – Pain start about 1 minute
    – Pain culminated about 2 minutes but always hard until the end
    – Level of pain 7
    – First start fresh no pain after one minute always hard until the end

  3. ming_vase
    05.07.2015 @ 15:11

    I began yesterday, so I’m posting two days’ results.

    Day 1 Report: Tiger Balm

    Pain Level: 4
    Time to feel “warmth”: 20 seconds
    Time to hurt: 3 minutes
    Peak: 10 minutes
    Duration: 30 minutes

    Note: I am not a pain fetishist, or very experienced, so this is from a beginner level and more experienced subs will very probably think I’m a wimp!

    Although I was initially scared by the name, I found Tiger Balm to be milder than expected (after my Deep Heat experience). It comes in two varieties, red and white, with the red having slightly higher levels of active ingredients, so I used red. I found the effect rose slowly, but lasted a long time. This might be because of how I applied it. Tiger balm isn’t exactly a cream-based ointment like Deep Heat. It’s a solid, a bit like shoe polish, and I think you’re supposed to get a small amount on your finger to apply it. I got a finger-tip sized blob, and ran it well into my balls. There’s a low level of pain, but it’s something you can ignore. I could still enjoy a TV program or read a book, or hold a normal conversation with this on. The thought of being punished with it (on my balls anyway!) would not be a very strong deterrent.

    The one I’m most worried about is Tabasco Sauce, because there are mild/normal/hot varieties, and of course I got the “hot”.

    Day 2 Report: Toothpaste

    Pain Level: 6
    Time to feel warmth: 30 seconds
    Pain started: 1 minute
    Pain peaked: 4 minutes
    Duration: 30 minutes

    I honestly didn’t think toothpaste would hurt – after all, it doesn’t hurt in the mouth.

    This was a very noticeable level of pain- definitely higher on the scale than tiger balm. It wasn’t so bad while I was naked – I think having the air around my sensitive parts helped. But after a few minutes, I re-dressed and went about my business, and being covered seemed to increase the burning feeling. The pain would come in waves too. For a few minutes, it would fade slightly into the background, and then suddenly it would rush back in and make me gasp slightly. I think it would be a good tool to use to keep a sub “focused” on a task! The effect lasted almost exactly 30 minutes, after that time, there was just a slightly “cool” sensation. One other nice aspect is that this smells lovely and minty-fresh!

  4. unterwuerfling
    05.07.2015 @ 19:48

    When I found this tasks on twitter, I found them reall intersting, also I am not a slave of Mistress Ezada Sinn. But I like also to try the test.
    For the start I used a china balsam that was a german version of the tiger balsam. I found it in the medical box.
    Putting a good portion of it on the cock.
    Still putting it on, I can fill a first sensation
    Pain starts arround 15 seconds
    Pain level 4
    Peak after arround 9 min.
    After 30 min I can still feel something is wrong. It still hurts. I had to wash it away.

    I found the balsam really intersting it stings a and burns realtivly heavy for a long period. Especially the hot weather also helped to make it much more hader, because the cock was wet from sweat. As it was written befor, you can’t ignore it.

  5. Ezada
    05.07.2015 @ 19:58

    I am pleased to find out that this task is done not only by My slaves.

  6. Ezada
    05.07.2015 @ 19:58

    Good boy!

  7. Ezada
    05.07.2015 @ 19:59

    My sissy obeys all My orders. Well done!

  8. unterwuerfling
    05.07.2015 @ 20:32


    I am pleased to find out that this task is done not only by My slaves.

    Dear Mistress
    I found it interessting, also I know from the past, what is coming, when ingwer or tabasco is used. Ingwer is from my own exprience a real pain in the ass, when using it for figging. First the humilation for the slave when he graves the analplug out of the ingwerroot and then the exploding pain, when his ass is filled with it.

  9. stoney
    05.07.2015 @ 21:09

    Day 1 – Tiger Balm Red X-tra

    Length on : 30 mins with all time spent in Altar Worship position.
    Max pain level : 6 to 7
    Chastity used.

    25 secs: First sensations with immediate sensations on cock shaft when chastity locked on.
    2 1/2 mins: Pain on shaft and cage
    4 mins: Pain exposed balls searing
    8 mins to 15 mins: Greatest pain on on exposed balls which have grown darker. Cock is semi hard in chastity.
    24 mins: Pain culminated, start to feel burn on cock shaft again as pain on balls diminish.
    28 mins: Removed chastity cage, resulting in intensified cock burn
    30 mins: Wash warm water only, however cock shaft is quite numb and semi hard. Burn returns to base of ball sack where contacted by chastity cock ring. Numb shaft feels so strange to the touch.
    40 mins: Starting to feel like normal is returning to Her cock and balls.
    55 mins: Sensations return to cock shaft.

  10. Ezada
    05.07.2015 @ 22:59

    🙂 Perfect!

  11. Boel
    06.07.2015 @ 06:43

    Goddess You are so Stunning and Perfect…. Your feet are so Beautiful and Divine

    I voluntered myself for the Ginger test…

    Peel and Cut ginger into thin slices and place them on cock and balls… As this is my first time I could managed to do it for only 15 min and 15 sec… (I apologies for my incompetence)

    1- After peeling the ginger cut around 5 thin slices and smashed a big chunk letting the juices come out…
    2- Rubbed the juices on my cock and balls…
    3- Then placed the thin slices on top of my cock and balls.
    4- Tied a cloth around by cock and balls which will hold the ginger in place and keep them in place..
    5- Within a min started to feel the sensation.
    6- By the 5 min clock it started to burn… and the heat was coming out..
    7- From 8th Min till the 15th Min it was burning as if my cock will get cut and drop..
    8- Removed the cloth along with the Ginger… now along with burning, I started to feel a bit of pain..
    9- While washing, I can really feel the pain.. it aches…
    10- Still feeling the burning sensation on the shaft, tip and all over, as it burns it pains too…

    Would like to Thank Goddess for calling out volunteers to perform these tests… Gave me an opportunity to be toy for Goddess Ezada…
    You are Amazing Goddess….

  12. Ezada
    06.07.2015 @ 09:09

    you did not mention how intense was the pain overall (on a scale from 1 to 10).

  13. ming_vase
    06.07.2015 @ 14:19

    Day 3 Report: Fresh ginger, thinly-sliced

    Pain Level: 4
    Time to feel warmth: 3 minutes!
    Pain started: 9 minutes
    Pain Peaked: 23 minutes
    Duration: 30 minutes

    I think Mistress Ezada is leaving the worst for last here! I posted a picture of the ginger, which was actually hard to apply (I used strips of surgical tape keep the slices on my cock and balls. Mistress @Ezada, I hope this is what you meant by thinly-sliced!)

    The effect was variable. My cock was in no pain whatsoever. By the way, I’ve avoided any of these things on my urethra, because I’m sure they’d all be torture there! For my balls, it built up very slowly (as you can see – there was no feeling at all for the few minutes), but kept on building up over time. It was painful, but tolerable. I was more than happy to get them off after my 30 minutes was up.

  14. unterwuerfling
    06.07.2015 @ 19:04

    Today tooth paste

    Pain level 4
    Time to feel cold <10 seconds
    Time to feel pain 2min
    Pain maximum after 8min
    After 20min only cold feeling and some disturbance
    Duration 30min

    This directly after I rubbed on the cock and the balls. Espescially the balls hurts a lot, The cock nearly did not hurt. It was cold biting pain. I was not able to bring the cock up, when the pain was maimum The pain vanished really soon. Now it is more nice cold feeling between the legs.

    One important information for the tabasco. Don't use water to remove it. Better use oil, as the capcacin is solvable in oil and not in water.
    For the ginger I will change a little bit. I will make a mash with a blender , because it is much easier to handle

  15. Ezada
    06.07.2015 @ 19:08

    Good point! “Don’t use water to remove it. Better use oil, as the capcacin is solvable in oil and not in water.” Milk can be also very effective.

  16. stoney
    06.07.2015 @ 22:16

    Day 2 – Colgate Optic White Toothpaste

    Length on: 30 mins with 18 min in Altar Worship
    Max pain level: 2 at most, maybe less. I honestly had no real pain from external application of toothpaste.
    Chastity used for first 16 mins

    2 mins: Some cooling sensations only.
    4 mins: Something building but still feels cool. Actually soothing.
    7 mins: A slight rolling wave, no real pain. Ball feel it more, yet cock is well coated in toothpaste.
    10 mins: Max level of whatever., cool freeze.
    13 mins: No change, nothing in cage as shaft is fully soft.
    16 mins: Rose up from Altar and removed chastity to see if air flowing affects cock. Back to kneeling in Altar Worship.
    19 mins: Bored with nothing more.
    20 mins Rose up and applied toothpaste via Q-Tip, directly into urethra at least 1/2” deep. Immediate intense burn then immediate back off of pain to freeze.
    26 mins: All seems to be calming down.
    30 mins: Washed off with warm water, no added sting at all.

    Cock shaft never hardened or felt numb in any way, as it did with Tiger Balm. No real pain except for urethra insertion. Lasting effect is like a cold compress or mint on skin.

  17. ming_vase
    07.07.2015 @ 15:22

    Oh – I should have read about using water to remove tabasco sauce! My poor balls suffered! Here is my next report, Mistress:

    Day 4 Report: Tabasco Sauce

    Pain Level: 12!!
    Time to feel warmth: 40 seconds
    Pain started: 1 minute
    Pain peaked: 5 minutes
    Duration: 15 minutes… no, 30 minutes 🙂

    This is the one I was dreading, and rightly, as it turns out. I wish now I hadn’t gone for the “hot” version! This was INCREDIBLY painful compared to all the previous substances, and I was literally hopping, jumping, moaning and unable to keep still or do much of anything during the experiment. It felt EXACTLY like someone holding a flame to my balls, or stubbing cigarettes out on them! I held on for 15 minutes, because those were Mistress Ezada’s instructions. But then I went to wash it off, and it wouldn’t stop! It must have penetrated, or maybe water is the wrong thing to use. In the end, I ran a very cold bath and just sat in it, and the pain level slowly dropped. If anyone’s going to try this, I recommend filling the bath first, or else having a fire extinguisher nearby!

    In summary, this stuff is seriously painful down there, and I don’t ever want to try it again! Just one more to go!

  18. unterwuerfling
    07.07.2015 @ 18:39

    Pain level 3
    Time to feel warm 1min
    Time to pain 5min
    Maximum pain after 10min
    Vanished afteer 17min
    Warm until 30min

    Some like it hot, was the feeling when using the ginger. The eggs beginn to glow. Pain was not very much. Maybe the ginger was not the freshed. The bain was mote a stingin, but the sensation was the hot feeling of the eggs. I had expected more from my experience with figging. Inside the ass ginger was real cruel thing.

  19. ming_vase
    08.07.2015 @ 15:59

    Day 5 Report: Deep Heat

    Pain Level: 11
    Time to feel warmth: 30 seconds
    Pain started: 1 minute
    Pain peaked: 2.5 minutes
    Duration: 15 minutes

    I’m sure my poor balls have become sensitised with all this recent CBT. I hope now they will get a rest for a while, and a chance to recover!

    As you can see from the pain score, Deep Heat gave me some serious pain. The idea of this was very erotic to me (especially at the start), but the last two items have taken me way past the erotic stage, into “almost crying” territory, and they are not things I really want to experience again soon. Still, under Mistress Ezada’s orders, I endured 15 minutes of Deep Heat, before rushing to remove it and put out the fire!

    Deep Heat works fast and hard – I was gasping and had to concentrate on remembering to breathe during this last test. Like all these substances, even though I put them on both cock and balls, the pain was only in the balls. That area seems to be very sensitive and delicate.

    It has been a real privilege to be allowed to be Mistress Ezada’s guinea pig, it really has! At the same time, I’m quite happy that the experiment is now over. My balls are happy about that too!

  20. unterwuerfling
    08.07.2015 @ 18:28

    Painlevel 10++
    Time for feeling it 30 seconds
    Time to pain < 1min
    Pain peak can't say, but it was really early
    Pain is still great after 30min
    Has to be washed with oil and after that it still burns a little bit. The skin is read. I know it from the past. This is hell and really near the pain limit of me. The eggs and the dick were burning, maybe I had to call the fire department to cool them down. I could not do anything else, the pain blocked it. Tabasco is a really extrem torture for the balls and the cock.
    1h later I can still feel the warm burning on my balls.

  21. sirius
    09.07.2015 @ 15:53

    the boy is just now beginning the tasks as he has just found the Tiger balm. The boy applied just a little bit to his slave cock & balls. It smelled nice. It warmed up and wasn’t bad for the first few minutes. That quickly changed. The boy al,ost didn’t make to 15 mins but he kept at it. It really hurt and burned the boy’s slav The last 5 minutes were the most intense and the last minute felt like an eternity. The pain lasted even when the boy wiped it off, he had to shower. Had he been in front of Mistress Ezada real time or another Mistress, he knows that he would have been restraind. The boy will now move on to toothpaste.
    Pain level 15

  22. unterwuerfling
    09.07.2015 @ 17:45

    Deep Heat
    pain level 9 – 10
    starts with feeling warm on the eggs arround 2-30 seconds after I had applicated it.
    pain maximum at the eggs arround 4 min.
    Duration arround 25 mins but still feel warm after that.

    Okay it was not real Deep Heat but a german equivalent. It was another torture of burning eggs, what is no wonder, because of the capcacine inside the cream. Pain level at the eggs was agin extremly and made me suffer. On the cock it was not so extrem, more it feels hot there.
    I learned in the past days, that the balls are much more sensitive against all this creams ans pastes than the cock. Pain in the ball was allways significant bigger than there. I must say, that I am astonished, that I had fullfill the assignment. Thank you Mistress Ezada for this tasks.

  23. sissyletty
    09.07.2015 @ 18:24

    The task of the 5 days
    Day 3 Fresh ginger roop
    – The product was kept on for 20 minutes
    – The first sensacions on the clitty get very hard and bigger in 10 seconds, the balls on fire 2 minutes after put the fresh ginger
    – Pain satart about 3 minutes
    – Pain culminated about 4 minutes and same pain until the end
    – Level of pain 5
    – The nballs not very painfull, the clitty get bigger since the beggining of the task, is not easy to control

  24. sissyletty
    09.07.2015 @ 18:42

    The task of the 5 days
    Day 4 Tabasco
    – The product was kept on for 15 minutes, because is the minium time that you want my Mistress
    – The first sensacions first 2 minutes zero, like i dont had put nothing
    – Pain start about 2 minutes but by surprise
    – Pain culminated always get harder since the 2 minutes at the end it was very painfull
    – Level of pain 10
    – After the 15 minutes i stay with cold water about 25 minutes in the balls, is very painfull my Mistress in one moment e get crazy because the pain dont stop. Is a product very powerfull

  25. sissyletty
    09.07.2015 @ 18:48

    The task of the 5 days
    The last day
    Day 5 Deep heat
    – The produtc was kept on for 22 minutes
    – The first sensacions in the 2 a 3 seconds fresh not hard
    – Pain start about 3 minutes
    – Pain culminated 6 minutes then get easier no many pain
    – Level of pain 5
    – Diferrent sensacions first fresh, after 3 minutes harder but not very harder
    After make all the task for me the harder was yesterday with the tabasco sauce very hard

  26. stoney
    10.07.2015 @ 15:57

    Task 3 – Fresh Ginger Slices and Ginger Juice

    Length on: 30 mins in Altar Worship
    Max pain level: hardly anything at all
    Chastity used for entire 30 mins with long thin slices filled into length of cage

    Initial contact closing cage: some warmth, but not much tingle
    1 mins: Juice from fresh strip applied to balls, nothing really
    4 mins: Tiny wave of heat on shaft surface, not too oppressive
    10mins: Add liberal amount ginger juice to balls.  Nothing felt on balls
    11 mins: Cock twitching a bit
    15 mins: Your sit notices ginger juice dripping out from chastity cage tip
    19 mins: Cock growing in cage after intense 3 to 4 mins of Worship mantra
    25 mins: Ginger juice applied to balls one more time
    27 mins: Nothing really
    30 mins: Washed off with warm water, no added sting at all

    Well i guess i prefer ginger on my chicken, rather than on Her cock and balls.

  27. stoney
    18.07.2015 @ 04:07

    Task 4 – Tabasco

    Tabasco Regular and Tabasco HOT
    Length on: 24 mins in Altar Worship and Jumping around for rest
    Max pain level: 8
    i consider 9 = crying and 10 = impossible to bear
    Chastity used for only 11 mins was removed in attempt to kill some pain

    Extremely liberal amounts applied and rubbed into skin vigorously
    Tabasco Regular applied on cock and ball sack, left side
    Tabasco HOT applied on ball sack, right side

    1 mins: You feel Tabasco HOT side of balls much quicker
    2 mins: Heat building in all other places. Tabasco HOT, sure is hotter
    3 1/2 mins: Oh my, this experience is going to hurt
    4 mins: Pain 6 and up, very uncomfortable. Cock is shrinking in cage
    5 mins: Both side balls hurting. Forget worship mantra. Hurting
    7 mins: Pain up to level 8. Having to stand and move around
    8 mins: Oh shit, did i apply too much. Balls are screaming
    9 mins: Pacing around the room as i researched how to kill pain on Internet
    10 mins: Pain greater, let’s say 8+.
    11 mins: Balls literally feel on fire
    13 mins: Remove chastity cage to seek some relief.
    15 mins: No relief from chastity removed. Balls have receded up inside body
    18 mins: Everything burns. Checking the clock, kneeling and pacing about
    20 mins: Balls disappeared, and cock is less than 2” long.
    22 mins: Everything appears to have shriveled. How much longer … ???
    24 mins: Pain feels as strong as it was 10 minutes ago. Washing off
    27 mins: Using Peppermint and 100% Clorox bleach. Ouch
    35 mins: Body has tremendous bowel movement yet no urine released
    40 mins: Relief in using Clorox and wash clothes in super cold water
    45 mins: Cock still way shriveled and balls just hidden up high
    60 mins: Finally urinate. Everything calming downward
    70 mins: Cock is relaxing but one ball has failed to descend
    75 mins: Using cold compress on cock and balls. Feels great
    90 mins: Finally wearing some loose sweat pants. Cock still sore

    Just thankful i didn’t apply all areas using Tabasco HOT. Rubbing it fully into skin was a prime cause of greater pain. This could be used as punishment if the Domme wished.

  28. Andy
    29.07.2015 @ 19:59

    New idea. Pour some Nail Polish Remover over the balls. Easy and nothing to clean up.

  29. laur
    29.10.2015 @ 18:53

    oțet în gaură 3-4 zile cosmar

  30. easycadman
    24.01.2016 @ 15:19

    it was kept for 23 minutes – The first sensacions starts 4 seconds after i apply the tiger balm –the Pain starts about 35 secondts –the pain stayed about 8 minutes – the Level of pain 10 – i started today mistress

  31. Ezada
    25.01.2016 @ 02:24

    Good boy! Write a comment about every task.

  32. easycadman
    25.01.2016 @ 18:31

    i kept it for 27 minutes – The first sensacions starts 8 seconds after i apply the tiger balm –the Pain starts about 39 secondts – pain stayed about 6 minutes – the Level of pain not much 7 – … thank u mistress

  33. easycadman
    25.01.2016 @ 18:36

    mistress please can i edge for you? and how long do you want me to edge for you every day?

  34. Ezada
    26.01.2016 @ 20:01

    Join My online training program and I will send you personalized tasks.

  35. Mikiyas
    05.02.2016 @ 10:25


    DAY 1 Tiger Balm
    =i apply it on my cock & balls
    =the first sensation were felt around 32 sec .
    =the pain started around 1min & 20sec .
    =the maximum pain starts about 6min ago .
    =pain level 5.
    =at 19min my cock shaft becomes hardened & felt numb .
    =the product were kept on for 25min .
    =pain was not very much .

    DAY 2 Toothpaste
    =i apply it on my cock & balls .
    =the first sensation were felt around 35sec .
    =the pain started around 1min & 45sec .
    =the maximum pain starts about 4min & 5sec ago .
    =pain level 7 .
    =the product were kept on for 29min & 20sec .
    =i don’t think that it would hurt ,but now i see that it hurts .

    DAY 3 Thin Slice Of Fresh Ginger
    =i apply it on my cock & balls .
    =the first sensation were felt around 1min & 5sec .
    =the pain started around 5min & 25sec .
    =the maximum pain starts around 7min & 10sec .
    =pain level 6.
    =the product were kept on for 28min .

    DAY 4 Tabasco Sauce
    =i apply it on my cock & balls .
    =the first sensation were felt around 1min & 8sec .
    =the pain started about 2min & 18sec ago .
    =the maximum pain started at 5min & it continued upto 9min & 20sec .
    =the pain were unable to concentrate .
    =the product were kept on for 24min & 40sec .
    =pain level 9.
    =it is one of the greatest product for punishment .

    DAY 5 Deep Heat
    =i apply it on my cock & balls .
    =the first sensation were felt around 25sec .
    =the pain started around 1min & 10sec .
    =maximum pain started at 3min .
    =the product were kept on for 23min .
    =pain level 10 .
    =it’s no 1 product used for punishment as the others listed above .
    ♥i wish , i would be your guinea pig forever .

    ❖but Mistress , i have done one mistake that’s i have branded my right side ass with your owner symbol ( ES ) using hot iron without your permission .

  36. Ezada
    05.02.2016 @ 11:03

    I’m glad you enjoyed suffering for Me and you amused Me with your pain. A branding has a deeper meaning than just a burn with some initials. What you said you did is just a burn, not a branding. It’s similar to wearing a wedding ring by yourself, without being married.

  37. Mikiyas
    05.02.2016 @ 13:16

    i want to be your guinea pig . please give me another task & let me suffer for you .

  38. Ezada
    05.02.2016 @ 13:23

    For private tasks you must join My online training program and send Me the required tribute. If you can’t afford it you must look elsewhere for guidance.

  39. Mikiyas
    05.02.2016 @ 13:46

    please help me , i cant afford . but iwant to be your guinea pig ,please

  40. sit meets his Goddess – Chapter 8: Teased, Denied, Set on Fire
    29.02.2016 @ 20:45

    […] nowhere real fear sets in.  Goddess is holding a bottle of liquid hot sauce.  Oh f-ing please NO, i’ve been down this road before. Scroll down to comment: “stoney // July 18th, 2015 @ 4:07 am” READ IT, you’ll understand […]

  41. Slave Dog
    16.04.2016 @ 15:37

    Dear mistress.

    I accept this challenge and for the next 5 days I will produce a report for you. I will also use my chastity device.


    Slave dog

  42. Michael Clayton
    10.05.2016 @ 15:48

    Dear Goddess Ezada
    Hope you are well.
    Not so warm today.
    I must confess that I cum over your breasts in two minutes.
    I could not do that for anyone else.
    Thank you.
    Sissy Susan

  43. J
    20.10.2016 @ 20:19

    Tried toothpaste once. (Use the extra minty 1, or don’t rather!) -Thought that was he’ll as I rubbed a lot on balls and it burnt like *uck.
    Laast week I cut open a really hot chilli- rubbed a few of the seeds on bellend, rubbed open chilli on balls then shoved up bottem. Didn’t think the seeds worked so I rubbed in well. Pain in ass was instant. I took out of bum then the pain in head of cock and balls kicked in.
    It was all most unbearable, I was rocking back and forth , making loud noises. I stripped and jumped straight in shower I was dancing and singing having to constantly move feet to distract my head and stop me jumping out of a window. Instant regret yet I will probably do it again. Just as I’m going to now try the toothpaste again.
    Thought you may want to know about this (amusing), as you may wish to adminstwr this as a harsh punishment while chastised. To make one cry buy phyco sauce (Naga chillies)

  44. Ezada
    20.10.2016 @ 20:38

    Naga chillies – I will look for it

  45. jack
    01.11.2016 @ 09:09

    wow, it was was a wonderfulltask from MISTRESS EZADA SINN
    Inorder to please my mistress and make her happy, i am starting the experiment one by one

    Day 1; Tiger bam
    On the day 1, i had chosen heavy tiger bam, by the time my penis become erect, i just applied tiger bam all over my pathetic cock, ball, tip of penis, then i started counter time for 30 minute, ( if mistress ask me , how many caning do you need, 50 or 100?, then i will always chose 100, so that mistress will be more happy, thats why i had chosen 30 minute here)
    first 5 minutes: i enjoyed the massaging on my pathetic cock but after 10 minute, it started irritating me, ohh, i dont know how i made it for 30 minute, any how , i lasted for more than 45 minute

    Day 2; tooth paste
    On the day 2, i chose colgate paste with mentol flavour, , i take some amount of paste on hand and just splitted it on my hand, then i started applying, all over my pathetic dick,
    first 10 minute: i feel very cool,
    after 15 minute, it started burning my dick, for sometime i thinked that i can go and wash it, but its the way of cheating mistress, so i decided that i will continue till last 30 minutes, oh i was really burned my dick, just like iron rod in fire, or slave infront mistress ezada sinn

    Day 3: ginger
    On day 3 , i made some slice of ginger, and i added some lemon and salt to it, i spread the mixture all over the cotton cloth, then just wrapped around my tiny useless dick, suddenly after 2 to 3 minute, shown me the heaven of mistress ezada, i dont know what to do, it was the task given by mistress to her slave, i feel that, i will loss my dick at a moment, but then i thinked of mistress ezada and continued the task, after 5 minute,, i feel every each minute is equivalent to 1 year. after 30 minute i removed the cloth, and i didnt touched my pathetic cock for 1 hour and i didnt switch on th AC also, so that i can feel the real pain and i can submit the report to mistress ezada

    Day 4:tobasco
    on the day four, i still remember the pain of day 3, as usual applied tabsco all over my dick, some tabsco i applied to pee hole through a syringe , how mistress, i called you more than 1000 times after 1 minute, oh It is equivalent to taking 100 caning , and giving electric shock at same time, then i really feel about how i can please my mistress and how much i need to suffer.
    till the 4 days, i had seen the entire world of domination of mistress ezada sinn on fourth day, the burning and pintching effect continued for many hours, my pee hole is useless now ,

    Day 5: deep heat,
    on day 5 , i appied deep heat on my dick, first it was very cool, but after 10 minute, it produce real heat on my dick, but i really become expert in resisting pain, because on day 3 and day 4 was more intense that this, so i feel heat bam as normal only


    3) DEEP HEAT
    Note; i feel deep heat and tiger bam as
    same pain
    RESULT; MY PATHETIC LITTLE COCK BECOME USELESS WASTE, I think there come some burning mark, at 7th day, i oberved that my skin of cock was tangled, i mean old skin is gone and new red skin is comming ,

    NOTE: I AM WAITING FOR NEW TASK AND I AM SLAVE OF MISTRESS EZADA SINN, My cock, nipple, my body, all are used for the pleasure of mistress ezada sinn


  46. Ezada
    04.11.2016 @ 13:45

    Good boy!

  47. ezadaboy
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    Goddess please permit me to dedicate my instagram page to you please Goddess

  48. Ezada
    19.12.2016 @ 11:38

    you have My permission to dedicate your Instagram page to Me. Worship Me and spread My religion!

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