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  1. sissyletty
    06.07.2015 @ 11:59

    Thank you My Mistress, i will clean your boots properly, every time that you want

  2. horstie fm
    06.07.2015 @ 13:29

    Your real pleasure starts when his pain begins. You slave-drive two devoted males concurrently. But Your superior power will not be running out with only two

  3. hengda yang
    09.07.2015 @ 16:40

    It’s a lesson for me to learn, so that if some day in the future, i have the honor to serve You personally, i will try my best to avoid any mistakes and negligence of duty, though i like to be whipped by my Goddess any time. i have never seen You personally, but i dream of serving You personally whole-heartedly. i read everything You write and everything about You very carefully. i made up my mind to satisfy You with my best service. You can test my service when You come to visit China in the coming winter, i will take care of all Your travelling costs, internationally and domestically in China. If i can serve You satisfactorily, then i apply for a longer period to serve You in person. If only this dream will come true.

  4. tomas
    08.08.2015 @ 05:01

    stunning beauty? very sexy dress. Mistress, You make the world for me

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