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  1. Wylde
    01.01.2018 @ 10:46

    Thank You Mistress. kneeling at Your feet sheathed in Your old nylons my cock straining at its device – virgo slave

  2. MyPainUrJoy
    01.01.2018 @ 12:21

    Sublime Mistress Ezada Sinn,
    Just like You, i don’t believe much in the zodiac thing, but after reading Your wonderful post i might have to revise that mindset… i was born in the sign of cancer, and there’s nothing i like to do more than worship You, adore You, praise You as The Holy Goddess of Femininity!
    Every inch of Your gorgeous body is a masterpiece of biology, every look of Your beautiful eyes is a fiery beam of natural superiority, every single word of You is a sacred gift of spirituality!
    You are a True Goddess, and being Your devotee is nothing but the fulfillment of my destiny!
    i worship You, Goddess Ezada Sinnm i belong to You!

  3. Ezada
    01.01.2018 @ 12:29

    I am pleased to own you. you understand how I like to be served and where you belong.

  4. Ezada
    01.01.2018 @ 12:30


  5. slave pete
    01.01.2018 @ 12:36

    Happy New Year!

    Love this new version of horoscope. Perhaps it’s extremely fortunate that I have a star sign of Aquarius!

    Now with the greatest respect I don’t think I would need to be taught to enjoy Goddess Ezada’s delicious Champagne! What a delightful honour. In fact I believe if bottled and sold would be a lot more expensive than normal champagne!

  6. pink poodle
    01.01.2018 @ 12:43

    Happy to be Your furniture Stapana mea

  7. Ezada
    01.01.2018 @ 12:48

    Especially My ass cushion 😉

  8. madhu
    01.01.2018 @ 13:36

    i wish to be your slave this year.i was born as sign of aquaries.6

  9. madhu
    01.01.2018 @ 13:36

    i wish to be your slave this year.i was born as sign of aquaries.6

  10. Borg10
    01.01.2018 @ 13:39

    Wish i was aquarius but cancer is just fine.
    Best wishes Goddess!

  11. Iulian
    01.01.2018 @ 14:38

    It’ good to be a libra Happy New Year Godess! I hope each one of your fans/servants/subs/slaves will do a better job in 2018

  12. Yaw
    01.01.2018 @ 16:59

    I dream of suffering for you – Aries

  13. Virginboy
    01.01.2018 @ 18:28

    Virginboy for Miss Ezada, I believe as long as you are part of my 2018 it will be a great year I am a Leo Mistress but in all honesty what I’ve learnt from you it’s not really important what we want as long as Mistress is happy.

  14. TinyHead
    01.01.2018 @ 19:01

    Goddess Ezada Sinn,

    Happy New Year, best wishes. I’m glad that You will be able to resume Your travels again soon.

    Perhaps it does not surprise You that I’m a Virgo. I certainly would not mind being in Purcelus’ place in that picture.
    But I hope You will always regard my servitude to You as that of a Scorpio.

    – J

  15. Ezada
    01.01.2018 @ 20:35

    Happy 2018 to you too, j.

  16. Dany_00
    01.01.2018 @ 22:32

    i’m m so glad to be Your pet Stapana! Don’t believe in this Zodiac thing but i know my Goddess and i know in this case EVERYTHING will happen as predicted as long as You aren’t pleased with something else! i will be happy with anything You decide for me. And a pet may need a very variable training……You make me such a happy capricorn

  17. momihun
    02.01.2018 @ 01:30

    Thank you Goddess!
    I born in Virgo sign but I will try to be Libra because I want your CBT 😉

    Happy New Year!

    (Sorry my poor english)

  18. Ezada
    02.01.2018 @ 09:46

    I like boys who are happy with CBT. your English is fine 🙂

  19. French sissy slut
    04.01.2018 @ 15:27

    Taurus: the least painful but probably the most demanding predictions, 2018 will be dedicated to improving my abilities to provide high standart quality service.
    Humility, awareness of my inferiority, love and total devotion to the goddess and her ladies friends will be my perpetual leitmotiv.

  20. Rishabh
    06.01.2018 @ 19:39

    Cancer: I will worship Goddess Ezada with my whole life. I will worship her feet and any and every part of her goodness body. She is my god. Her feet will be my temple or shrine.

  21. Chastity
    10.01.2018 @ 10:28

    Dear Highness Goddess Ezada Sinn, YOU are such an amazing expert in so many aspects of male psycholigy. As a virgo i keep watching YOUR picture for virgos where YOU show exactly my main fetishes by wearing YOUR beautifull high heels en nylons plus the original chastity keys on YOUR necklace. Furthermore it could simpy not be a coincidence that YOUR slave on that picture is wearing a chastity device. In one word, YOU are juist amazing.

  22. zezo
    27.01.2018 @ 03:44

    Gemini i hope that mistress ( lick your boots and your feet)

  23. Alex
    04.02.2018 @ 15:03

    I would love to become whatever pet you desired, it would be a real honour. However distance a problem

  24. Ezada
    05.02.2018 @ 10:20

    Nowadays I only use My collard slaves for in person service. Therefore you can only serve Me from distance.

  25. taco van tilburg
    16.02.2018 @ 14:59

    Hallo Meesteres ook hier weer een bevestiging van de enorme grootheid die Uw uitstraald. Ben zelf een ram dus had liever ander maandje gehad.
    Vlinders van verliefdheid zo voel ik me nu ik weet dat U bestaat.
    Helaas ook treurig omdat ik zo ver bij U vandaan ben.
    Voelt als een boom zonder wortels, een zeeman zonder kompas.
    Wil hierbij nogmaals met mn volle verstand, geheel vrijwillig de rest van mn leven in handen leggen van Godin Ezada Sinn. in You il trusts

  26. Dawg of Ezada
    28.05.2018 @ 08:49

    I was born in January and wish to be a cancer too so I could serve and please every inch of Goddess Ezada’s beautiful body and show her how an eager to please skilled mouth and active long tongue can do wonders to enhance her pleasure..

  27. Ebenezer
    11.07.2018 @ 17:22

    Goddess please check your email. I sent you an application.

  28. Iancu
    12.11.2018 @ 21:39

    sclav iancu: balanta, sunt proprietatea Dumneavoastra, nu pot schimba asta, totul sta in puterea Dumneavoastra, indurare Marita Zeita. Exist doar pentru a va sluji cu devotament

  29. Marc
    16.12.2018 @ 22:51

    I’m a pisces, and just started to purchase Your clips. First 2 were foot worship. Just read Your horoscope perdictions amazing You are right. True Goddess

  30. #inferiormaleproperty
    26.05.2019 @ 13:54

    capricorn- slave jamie,
    definition of male= Inferior half breed gender, an undeveloped Women \not fully developed scum \freak. Its a powerful creature mostly used for hard labor and tough work, weak feeble mind with minimal Intellect. easily used and abused, outsmarted and outperformed, Has no rights, best to keep on leash or caged, owned property of the Perfect Female Royalty #FemaleLED #Gynarchy #EmpowerWomen Alpha Goddesses
    #arf_arf arf arf arf may I fetch Your heels or slippers Your Highness. #WomenControlmales every body knows the #Gynarchy #FemaleLED future is the best for every Divine Women and all male creatures. #arf_arf arf arf, I kneel on all fours before Goddess, head down nose touching the ground, hands stretched forward palms up. how may this creature make itself useful My Divine Enchantress, Adorable from Your Angelic Face to Your Perfect Sculptured Body to Your Superior Intellect and Leadership skills. #immalethusimproperty to abuse and for You use Your Highness, Your property, Your mutt, You bitch, its has no rights, its happiness is pleasing Goddesses, worship Her daily, dedicate and devote my useless excitance to My Perfect Queen. #uselessmanfreaks a males purpose to worship and obey its owner. Your Highness, Goddess Ezada Sinn im kneeling on all fours My Alluring Queen, head down nose touching the ground, hands stretched forward palms up

  31. Just a Subby
    03.06.2019 @ 04:50

    I am a capricorn mam… Just started working in your stable and feels so proud… Hopefully i am soon chosen to be trained as your pet

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