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  1. horstiefm
    29.02.2016 @ 21:32

    “Being close to Goddess Ezada is heaven… ” i envy his closeness to Goddess Ezada, his deep experience of Her outstanding Female superiority. She converts him into a better existence, just designed by Her strong will! Nothing better can happen in a devoted male’s life

  2. sissyDan
    29.02.2016 @ 22:56

    Mistress knows how to train and break a man.

  3. Craig
    06.03.2016 @ 23:19

    How do I become your 24/7/365 a year live in toilet slave,I will relocate to you and quit my job and serve you as your total real black male toilet slave for life,Thank u Goddess
    P.S.I,am able to take mild to very severe whippings daily for your pleasure,being your toilet and human toilet paper,I will keep your home spottlessly clean and still expect a severe whipping by you for finding a micro piece of dirt in the corner.
    I have a virgin ass,but I know u will break me in then make me your strap on whore and slut night and day and put me in your videos.

  4. Craig
    06.03.2016 @ 23:36

    I like to relocate and become your live in 24/7/365 a year toilet slave after you have trained me well as your slave.I also have a virgin black male ass,after you break me in wearing your very large strap cock,you will bang me like a whore in heat night and day,I want to be your slave slut toilet slave for life or until I bore you and you give me to another very,very sadistic Dominant Woman of any race or color for not pleasing you,Thankyou Goddess P.S.I BEG you to please write me ASAP,I wanted to be your slave for a long time now,but I live in the USA.I want a one way airline ticket to you with your help and guidance,I will be the best slave you ever had,I promise,whip me bloody I will thank you.I will kneel behind you as you stand at the sink putting on makeup and lick for hours and swallow everything that comes out.

  5. Craig
    06.03.2016 @ 23:38

    Please send as is.

  6. Ezada
    07.03.2016 @ 12:44

    It’s all about your fantasies, isn’t it?

    I have several total power exchange relationships and I am willing to adopt new pets, but this is a long term process. It doesn’t happen overnight. If you want to be taken into consideration join My online training program, be ready to serve Me in person after at least 6 months of distance training.

  7. Thomas
    13.03.2016 @ 19:55

    I keep reading about chasity training for males in sub/ domme relationships. This may be a good way for the Dominatrix to control the male libido and keep him focused on her, but it it also a good way for a male especially over 40 to get prostate cancer. Health professionals constantly stipulate that the best way to avoid prostate cancer is regular ejaculation, daily if possible. So is this the case of a of a male sub willing to actually die for his mistress?

  8. Ezada
    13.03.2016 @ 19:58

    There is no relevant studies on this matter. Moreover orgasm control doesn’t mean no orgasms at all.

  9. Thomas
    13.03.2016 @ 20:14

    There is no relevant studies is always the answer I see, but I disagree. It’s an inconvenient truth.. It makes sense that regular use of the prostate by ejaculatuon keeps it healthy. The sub in your story hasnt had an orgasm for almost a year is it? Surely this is detrimental to his health?

  10. Ezada
    13.03.2016 @ 20:32

    No, I don’t believe the lack of an orgasm will affect the health of his prostrate. As I said, I tried to find relevant studies about the side effects of prolonged abstinence and I have found none. In case of physiological need the body will discharge in his sleep (nocturnal ejaculation).

  11. Thomas
    13.03.2016 @ 20:47

    Wet dream ok, that makes sense. I had a few years ago what’s called prostatitis. It can be brought on in many ways, in my case related to a sports injury was the conclusion. You get a burning sensation when you pee. After a course of tablets the medical advice was cum as often as possible to keep the prostate as healthy as posdible. An interesting subject!

  12. Pete E
    13.04.2016 @ 09:53

    I think Mistress Ezada knows best. Besides prostate milking achieves the same result but without ejaculation and most importantly male orgasm.

    Also long term orgasm denial I feel is a sacrifice worth making if it enables being able to serve the magnificent Mistress Ezada.

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