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  1. Chris
    06.12.2014 @ 13:56

    My “fetish” is You ,my Goddess or actually my religion is You .Everything You do and You like is a fetish for me or i am curious about it .Your Perfection has no limits .

  2. Ezada
    06.12.2014 @ 13:57

    Stiu, My slave.

  3. Bob
    11.12.2014 @ 22:30

    Sorry I don’t do titty websites. You do have some nice whips though.

  4. Ezada
    11.12.2014 @ 22:34

    Thank you. I love My whips! Mostly when are in used 😉

  5. John Cano
    12.12.2014 @ 04:48

    slaves fetish is to serve tightly locked in chastity,chained,plugged and being trained to serve without question.

  6. horstie fm
    09.02.2015 @ 20:49

    i’m obsessed by many fetishes, big tits, ample butts, feet and toes, tight leather clothing … but my biggest fetish is my Goddess, YOU, Lady Ezada Sinn, You incorporate all fetishes i can dream of

  7. slave ron
    02.04.2015 @ 03:58

    The smoking fetish is very powerful for me. I love to serve Mistress as Her human ashtray.

  8. steve
    15.05.2016 @ 21:11

    Hello Ms Ezada. Ever since I was young I have had a fetish for mink coats. My aunt owned a fur shop and she was a demanding dominant Lady who wore tite leather skirts, high heels, seemed stockings and of course shiny Black full length Mink Coats. Her hair was shiny black and She wore a Bobbed “page cut” style hair doo with bangs. I developed an intence fetish for the look of not only her in those outfits but also for the shiny shiny black mink coats she wore. I could not avoid looking at her Mink Coats, they were so sleek, sexy and shiny soft and silky. Eventually I started “Playing ” with her mink coats alone. Once caught, I was whipped, not just spanked , but WHIPPED by her while she wore one of her most shiny black mink coats. I had to lay across another of her mink coats while whipped with my pants pulled down. The sexy feels of the mink coat was so arousing to me I developed and kept this fetish for mink coats for the rest of my life.

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