What is your fetish?

We all have our own fetishes. Some of them are quite common, like feet or leather clothing or latex, but things are more complicated than this. From My experience, I discovered that a fetish becomes more and more specific in time and the details are very important. For example, I have a strong fetish for gloves but not just any kind of gloves: first of all the gloves should be very tight – as tight as possible. Then the material should look and feel smooth (soft nappa leather and sometimes latex or satin gloves). The smell is very important too – the smell of new leather gloves arouses Me. The way I put My hand inside the gloves, clenching My fingers, feeling the leather stretching over My knuckles. ohh…I am in the mood to put on My favorite gloves right now!

I understand you, I understand your fetishes. Why some adore black nylons and other bare feet, very clean or very smelly. Stiu.

Female supremacy is not about your fetishes but Mine.  I am going to use your fetishes to make you weak and obedient in front of Me – that’s if you are lucky to be one of the few slaves of Mine (collared or in training). For the rest, there are great websites where you can live your fantasy. One of My favourite is FetishGirls.com. you can see your fantasy becoming reality with a custom fetish video by choosing the action, the outfits, the dialog. Everything! No matter how specific that is.

Custom Fetish Videos

 Mistress Ezada Dusseldorf Domina Germany