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  1. Chris
    06.12.2014 @ 04:54

    It’s amazing how the ritual of boot worship connects the Goddess with Her slave .
    I bow in front of You ,my Goddess Ezada Sinn

  2. Slave r
    06.12.2014 @ 11:47

    Thank You for writing and sharing Stapana. I have read this article three times now. A wonderful piece.

  3. frank
    06.12.2014 @ 14:53

    Beautiful decription of yet another so strong Femdom ritual. Your slaves and devotees should present and offer You a new pair of boots every day.

  4. bootboy4u
    08.12.2014 @ 08:43

    An outstanding ritual i’ve come to learn over time. Especially the importance of the first passionate kissing of the tip, plus licking the boot hard enough so the Mistress has the reassuring pleasure of feeling the devoted tongue at work. I’ve been made to not only suck the heel, but deep throat it as my ultimate acceptance of the lowest extremity of the boot. If i may humbly and respectfully mention that the worshiping slave should only touch the boot with his tongue and lips, never grabbing the boot while worshiping. Only if the Mistress gives the nod to lift it, perhaps to have a better view, the slave should gently do so with his flat extended hand using the palm to reverently lift under the heel or sole.

  5. Ezada
    08.12.2014 @ 08:49

    I completely agree with it. All My slaves know that they are not allowed to touch (My body, My clothes or My boot) without My demand.

  6. slave pete
    10.12.2014 @ 16:56

    Again, excellent guidance from Mistress Ezada. Wonderful.

  7. John Cano
    12.12.2014 @ 00:20

    slave is locked in a tight steel chastity cage,ready to lick Mistress’s boots upon command.

  8. tomas
    14.12.2014 @ 03:36

    Thanks Mistress, I love reading Your blog and to learn more

  9. tomas
    14.12.2014 @ 03:38

    my tongue and my mouth belong to Mistress

  10. Hnegda
    05.01.2015 @ 02:02

    i will kiss the tip of Your boot, lick and suck the heel, lick the sole all the time as it pleases You

  11. Phi Li
    09.01.2015 @ 13:40

    I am not only imitating a dog behavior, on my all fours, at Mistress Ezada heel. She made me really feel like one, fully dedicated to her and fully tamed!
    i tremble with joy if she looks happy with me.
    I tremble with fear if she is upset with me!
    I tremble with terror if she theaten to abandon me!
    I frenetically lick her boots, to show her how I need her, my merciless but beloved Mistress! and beg her to keep me as her doggy slave forever!

  12. Brian Hyde
    13.02.2015 @ 18:59

    Thank You Mistrss Ezada for emphaising the importance of boot worship in the Mistress/slave relationship and the need for a prescribed ritual to accompany this exquisite demonstration of devotion. I am blessed by being in thrall to a divine Mistress who also views boot worship as an art to be thoroughly taught by practice. Her imposed ritual starts by allowing the kneeling slave (ie me or others in Her stable) to hold, admire and stroke Her boot only. The desire to kiss it becomes overwhelming after a few minutes. Mistress knows this, of course, and instructs the slave to beg to be allowed the privilege of lip contact. Mistress will judge how well the slave begs and whether or not She will permit him to actually kiss her boot. Each kiss, on the tip or toe of the boot must last at least five seconds. She will not allow swift pecks. Kissing continues all round the lower part of the boot until Mistress decides that the slave has earned the privilege of licking the boot and tasting it’s delicious tang. The ritual continues with the boots being thoroughly cleaned from sole and heel to the very top. Whwn Mistress is satisfied that the boots are clean the slave has to thank Mistress profoundly. On special occasions or when Mistress deigns appropriate, slave is permitted to make love to Her boots and climax on them. Of course he has to thoroughly clean them afterwards in the usual way and grovel his thanks to Mistress accordingly. Thank You again Mistress Ezada for highlighting a practice that so many Mistresses ignore.

  13. Ezada
    14.02.2015 @ 10:25

    Thank you for sharing your experience. It is inspiring.

  14. Brian Hyde
    08.04.2015 @ 14:30

    Mistress Ezada, I never tire of reading Your treatise on Boot Worship and feel that it should be compulsive reading for all aspiring Mistresses. There is just one small point that I would raise and this is not a criticism (one would not dare to criticise a Mistress, even if one has not had the privilege of serving Her directly). In section 7, that describes the action of sucking the tip of the boot You say that you see the humiliation (and fear). Personally I feel no humiliation when gazing back at my Mistress when I am allowed to suck the tip of Her boot. I feel privileged and any expression that I may convey would, I hope, be one of respect and adoration. Boot worshipping is not humiliating, it is a beautiful act of demonstrating one’s respect, honour, and devotion.
    Ritualistic worship of Mistress’s gloved hand is also a demonstration of adoration an honour, especially if the privilege of being allowed to remove the glove is a special treat for the obedient and devoted slave!

  15. moe cassm
    27.06.2015 @ 20:40

    Misstress Ezada is right
    slaves may not touch her she is truely sexy

  16. Tristan
    18.03.2016 @ 21:38

    Holy and Almighty Goddess , I truly thank you for leaving these sacred and holy commandments that the world should abide by. Fuck whatever religions, fuck jesus, you are the only true Goddess. You alone are the most powerful and you should be worshipped by every insignificant human you created for we are nothing but pieces of crap that are worse than the filth upon your glorious and powerful Boots. Goddess, I would love to be castrated so as to serve you properly without thoughts of lust and love you and your boots with every inch of my pathetic being. Praise be to Goddess Ezada, and may her reign last for ever and ever.

  17. jay
    22.05.2016 @ 06:05

    Wonderful post! So many parts to this and to think about, it puts in a new perspective.

  18. Ezada
    22.05.2016 @ 14:42

    Pleased to see you are learning more about Me and how you can be a better servant.

  19. LEE Boy
    06.06.2016 @ 06:18

    Oh how do wish to someday be able to properly clean and worship the leather boots of Mistress Ezada. Oh how I do one day dream to be able to throb and squirt my filth all over her eminent leathers, only to be made to lap up all of the spoils of my servitude to Her.

  20. Josh
    14.06.2016 @ 09:03

    Mistress Ezada,
    Wow, this is the perfect ritual for worshipping boots and i can now understand why it is such an important ritual for Your slaves to follow in order to please You Mistress. This ritual, among with being locked permanently in chastity for You, is something i would be honored to perform and dream about following this ritual as often as You desired.
    Most humble regards,

  21. bootlicker
    19.10.2016 @ 23:39

    The Divine Goddess Ezada’s 10-Point Revelation of the proper ritual for worshiping Her Blessed Boots is sublimely beautiful. While this should be the protocol for every slave adoring its Mistress/Owner, this rite is most perfectly suited to Her Puisant Presence; to perform it at Her Precious Feet is the greatest wish of every maso-retifist slave in the universe, including this unworthy one..

    The slave calling itself “Lee Boy” alluded to offering its most prized bodily product to be used as a polishing agent for the Sacred Footwear of The Goddess. If it would please Her Most Glorious Greatness, this bootlicker suggests that for a slave to polish its Owner’s boots using its tongue to massage the protein-rich fluid of a slave’s loins is — first — a supreme tribute to The Goddess, and second, an act of total humiliation and agony for the slave fortunate enough to be permitted this form of self-debasing tribute.

    As The Goddess surely knows, a male’s cum is its highest achievement. This is the means by which a man passes DNA to future generation. Procreation is a man’s bid for immortality; it is also the male animal’s highest pleasure. Like Abraham offering Isaac on the altar, it is the highest sacrifice. The joy of creating a new life is beyond excellence. So, for a male to give that great gift to The Goddess — and give it to polish the boots that adorn Her lowest extremities — is the ultimate humiliation. To see Her spurn his highest value as nothing is the ultimate pain.

    But there’s more, may it please You, Most Exquisite Goddess. Psychologically, as soon as a male ejaculates (and supposedly impregnates a Female (begging Your pardon for the necessary reference to pre-Gynocratic biology), the thrill evaporates. That’s why men go to sleep after they have sex, discourteously leaving the Woman at Her highest emotional point with nothing less than total abandonment (and for this alone every male deserves eternal punishment at Your hands, Most Precious Princesses). The excitement and joy of the sex act ends abruptly with the male’s climax. Now the point here is that if You compel the male to continue, by making it not only lick Your boots clean, but to consume and swallow it own cum as it renders this service, the male gets no joy, no thrill, no charge, from the process. It’s torture, not ecstasy, for the male. There are even overtones of forcing the male to perform a degrading homosexual act, swallowing the product of a demeaning blow-job. On top of that, the male sees its precious DNA fluid being used as boot-polish for the Mistress Who owns it, body and soul.

    In conclusion, Most Eminent and Exalted Goddess (and the Ladies with Whom You share this humble submission), if it pleases You to have Your male slave masturbate (or masturbate it yourself with Your boot-toe, whip or cane) and spill its seed, as the Bible says, on Your boots, then lick them to a high gloss with the leather-nourishing fluid, You may be sure that Your slave gets no pleasure from the climax. Of course, any slave is thrilled by the privilege of being allowed to lick Your boots clean. But You can be certain that it will pay for the honour in humiliation, embarrassment and sexual frustration.
    In closing, thank You for allowing this worm to post on Your amazing site; it hopes that You will long enjoy the adoration of Your devoted male slaves, including, at a great distance, this unworthy groveling ………………………………………….

  22. Ezada
    20.10.2016 @ 09:12

    thank you, bootlicker

  23. old sub
    29.05.2018 @ 16:50

    All of the replies are old I don’t know it this still an active site. I was introduced to shoe and boot respect by a girlfriend/Mistress several years ago. The first time the sole was extended to me I balked at licking it. After spending the morning under her cane I was begging to lick the sole of her boot.. It seems she enjoyed the begging and I was required to beg for the sole every time I was given the honor of licking her shoes and boots.

  24. Ezada
    29.05.2018 @ 18:01

    The post is old but the blog is still active and regularly updated, of course.

  25. bootlicker
    12.09.2018 @ 00:13

    Please permit this unworthy insect once more to thank You, Divine Mistress Ezada, for Your continued gift of allowing pond scum like me to worship and adore You from distant obscurity. Although this worthless worm will never attain Your Precious Presence, it is grateful to You for allowing it to dream of the infinitely thrilling privilege of a minute in nirvana at Your Feet.


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