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  1. Jacobi R.
    25.10.2018 @ 06:56

    Ima 21 African American from the United States and have wanted to be a toilet slave for a really long time for a beautiful woman. Is there any way that could happen.

  2. Gary J Wells
    26.10.2018 @ 03:51

    Mistress Ezada Quote
    ‘It is My dream that one day FemDom will be fully accepted in the world, and by changing the terminology We can help to break some of those misconceptions which so hinder this.

    Imagine a world in which Female Ownership of a male is fully accepted. I believe that by changing the vanilla world’s perception of FemDom relationships We can achieve this dream.’

    Mistress Ezada such beautiful words, that resound within my whole being, as i do imagine and pray each day, that soon in the future FemDom is fully accepted in the World. How wonderfully amazing the World would be if all men submitted and surrendered completely to Female Ownership and control. A World where matriarchy and Fem Dom rule presided throughout, where the testosterone within men was subdued by increases in serotonin, having all men dote on their dominant females to love, care, pamper and idolise them. My vision actually goes further Mistress Ezada, where all but a small percentage of earth men are locked in chastity, the only ones not young, virile and strong. They are also used, as sexual slaves to fertilise all women. Men all owned and dominated, know their place, and are either these few used as sex slaves free virile and with much stamina, or are as most, locked in chastity, there only to orally please and pamper, wonderfully tormented in their blissfully aching denial… How i pray for this World Mistress Ezada, that won’t come in my life time but I pray does for some future fortunate generation.
    I believe a Wold of Fem Dom matriarchy rule would be one of no wars, less hopefully or maybe no famine, more productive, effective and efficient, all through the increased zeal of men due to the nurturing nature of all women… idealistically, yes of course, would it be, I think it could, in any case it would be far far better than this World patriarchy governed mostly by men!

  3. Selm ail
    29.10.2018 @ 14:52

    Thanks ezada sinn

  4. martha
    06.03.2020 @ 13:29

    Greatings Mistress!
    Please Mistress, may this slave ask Mistress If Mistress Would Be Interested In A Transgender, still male on hormones, heavy masochist sissy slut pet slave Mistress, Please Mistress?
    Please Mistress, the slave live’s in Montreal Canada and is pore and trying to make money with latex outfits Mistress, hand made by the slave Mistress, in to dressing sexy and slutty in Bdsm Events Mistress, Please Mistress?
    Please Mistress, the slave is looking For Serious Severe Sadist Owner(s) In To Body-Modifications, has extreme bimbofication of the slave For Whore Service Anytime, Anyware, To Anyone Mistress Order’s the slave to offer it self To, No Limits Mistress, Becose Mistress Set’s Limits Mistress Only Mistress, Please Mistress!
    Please Mistress, may the slave ask if there is a way for this slave on medications and hormones To Be Held By Mistress, Torture Trained 24/7 in exchange for the slave talents for free Mistress, making latex outfits for Mistress everydays and waiting and hopping For The Next Heavy Torture, Making the slave cry in pain everytimes And Leaving Huges And Permanent Marks On the slave skin till it bleed’s from Mistress Administrated Pain Mistress, Please Mistress!
    Please Mistress, the slave is a object and can be feeded dog food one’s a day, ware heavy permanent, even welded cuffs, ankles and wrist, and GPS Chock Locked Anti-Barck Collar 24/7 for life, to be silenced for good Mistress, over a high neck streaching metallic welded Collar
    shoking the slave for any hard or fast movements Mistress, and chained to the small room, the slave can be put in all the time except for Heavy Outside Harmfull Punishment for the slave body to endure Mistress, and Mistress To Badly Be Has Sadistic Has Desiered Mistress, still and never Any Limits To Make the slave suffer hell 24/7 mistress, Please Mistress!
    Please Mistress, may the slave make beautiful latex clothing free, except for the material that must be both Mistress, live eating a small bool of dog food a day, in a much to tight permanentl lockable corset for the stomake to become tiny and small and thigh metal extreme utheral pain chastity Mistress, pierced on to the slave clitty permanently and with a heavy ass metal streaching plug Mistress, Mistress is making larger and larger weeks after weeks, letting the slave go to the corner If Mistress Want Only Mistress, Please Mistress?
    Please Mistress, may Mistress Controle the slave life and make it a pain living hell locked in a room making latex outfits for life, And Only comming out for the most heavy pain Mistress, Please Mistress?
    slave sissy martha

  5. .......
    21.10.2020 @ 02:48

    Women claims they need rights and equality. Rights are already granted. Gaining equality is a slow process. Now almost most of the women particularly in East Asia and in Nordic countries, workforce has 50-50 gender ratio.

    There are other people who wants to revive the system of slavery, which was abolished after a war.

    How can you people think like that.

  6. Ezada
    21.10.2020 @ 09:15

    A consensual power exchange relationship is nothing like slavery, hence the change of terms. Have you read my article?

  7. Alan
    04.02.2021 @ 14:05

    “Imagine a world in which Female Ownership of a male is fully accepted.”

    I often imagine it and wish that the inevitable rule by Women over men will soon be reality. It will bring a wonderful future for both Women and their male chattel.

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