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  1. horstie fm
    10.10.2014 @ 22:37

    Thank You, Mistress. You give us the real understanding of the true Femdom relationship. You know and use the key to a male’s profound and perennial bondage. i admire Your sophisticated wisdom of Female Supremacy

  2. luckymann
    08.07.2015 @ 19:21

    im looking forward as agreat challage…

  3. Bob
    05.05.2016 @ 02:31

    Agree completely with how to control the male brain. My wife has discovered the advantages of controlling my orgasm and now she controls my brain, my body, and my whole life. I adore and worship her more than ever before, my life is so much better now that she is in control. Thank you for this information and for spreading this good news!

  4. about orgasm control | Ezadasinnism
    17.08.2016 @ 21:27

    […] read more in Goddess’ own blog here […]

  5. Wolfgang Sprung Jr.
    13.05.2017 @ 16:45

    I can’t agree with you more Mistress Ezada. Every girlfriend/wife should strictly enforce long term if not a lifetime of chastity on their men, as well as every slave. But husbands and boyfriends should be turned into slaves as well. And I will continue to look for a woman just like you to make me her lifelong slave.

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