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  1. Billy
    16.10.2014 @ 08:15

    Beautifully written. What an honour to be allowed to lay underfoot of this wonderful Woman for hours , worshipping Her divine feet .

  2. horstie fm
    16.10.2014 @ 12:42

    A male has not to be a foot worshipper to love licking Your divine feet. It is a normal duty of a devoted man. But it must be a dope experience to suck Your lovely toes (i know that’s a selfish desire)

  3. tomas
    27.10.2014 @ 23:58

    I love reading this blog and learn more and more about my Mistress, this about worshipping this wonderful feet get right into my submitted mine…

  4. tomas
    28.10.2014 @ 00:18

    I worship You, Goddess Ezada Sinn, I belong to You

  5. Ezada
    28.10.2014 @ 00:29

    Good boy!

  6. ggfootfreak
    30.10.2014 @ 22:44

    I belong to You Goddess, Your feet own me

  7. Boel
    03.11.2014 @ 05:55

    First I would like to say is …. GODDESS Ezada Sinn you are Amazingly Beautiful and Absolutely Stunning.
    Worshipping you is an ultimate Privilege.. You rule our life….

    I first saw your profile in Fetlife and was stunned by your Beauty… Thank you Goddess for allowing me to worship your Pics in your profile.

    Goddess The topic has been Beautifully written by you …
    And this is so very true… Foot worship is an integral part of slavery or submission…

    Feet are the lowest part of our body and are very much important … but they are controlled by our brain…

    In the same way worshipping the lowest part of body shows how lowly we slaves are. where we belong to … where is our place … where our eyes should be … we are always at the lower position…
    we are an object of pleasure to our owner.. and we should be always prepared and think for that…

    Now as brain controls our body … in the same way when we completely submit to Goddess she becomes our brain… She rules … control .. who is on the top and making the decisions.. who is the authority.. This shows who is superior ..

    To realize who is on the top .. show we lowly male our perfect place and to remember who is the Boss Foot Worship is required and important part of slavery

    Goddess Ezada Sinn.. you have very pretty beautiful feet and strong legs… worshipping your Divine feet and to become your Devotee will be an honour for me… Wish i could devote myself completely at Your Holy feet and worship You ….

  8. Tamira
    15.02.2015 @ 21:45

    I need lick your feet really forever
    please my Queen accept me,,,,

  9. Tamira
    15.02.2015 @ 21:47

    please I am excited to see you really

  10. Tamira
    15.02.2015 @ 21:54

    I am waiting your answer please

  11. Tamira
    15.02.2015 @ 22:04

    really I want meet you and serve you licking your feet,and I need live with you form of slave ,please my Queen do you agree for that? you can make anything on me,,,,

  12. Tamira
    15.02.2015 @ 23:24

    please please My Queen I am waiting your agreement yet,,,

  13. Ezada
    16.02.2015 @ 05:29

    In order to become one of My devotees you must fill in the form from My website.

  14. Tamira
    20.03.2015 @ 23:13

    hello can I to be slave for you and live under your feet??

  15. mohamad
    09.04.2015 @ 01:49

    heloo mistress
    i am slave

  16. mohamad
    09.04.2015 @ 01:52

    heloo mistress
    i am slave for you

  17. JT
    16.07.2015 @ 19:28

    That smell from your feet in leather all day must be AMAZING….I’d beg for a sniff

  18. childishHatchjr the Hip-hop artist
    22.08.2015 @ 03:48

    You’re evil

  19. ir
    27.11.2015 @ 08:55

    hai ezada i lick your feet please!

  20. Catania-Rose
    11.01.2016 @ 23:30

    Goddess Ezada, I am a female, but my only desire is to live under your beautiful and stunning feet. In many ways, having a female slave is better than a male. You get to order females about when they could be in the same position as your royal highness. You are amazingly beautiful and I would be honoured to have the privilege to indulge my tounge into your mighty feet. I have the utmost respect for you, my Goddess, who derserves everything. I humbly ask you to reply to me, stating if you will accept me, a female, as your slave. I am young, but I have experience in slavery. I will worship you forever, I promise. Thank you.

  21. Catania-Rose
    11.01.2016 @ 23:39

    Please my Queen, I will worship you forever. I belong to you, I am your property. Please state if I am allowed to apply for the godsent place of worshipping your excellency, your highness, your royal majesty, the amazing Goddess Ezada Sinn. Thank you, Goddess.
    If I receive the luck of worshipping you and your beautiful feet, I wil address you as Goddess or Mistress or anything you command me. Like I said, I belong to you.

  22. Ezada
    12.01.2016 @ 01:50

    Contact Me via email.

  23. Catania-Rose
    12.01.2016 @ 23:27

    Firstly, Goddess, I pledge my life to you and bow to your feet for replying to my question. I am honoured that your divine feet have considered me. I would like to know where I can find your email. I am so desperate to lick your soles and live under your fabulous feet. Thank you so much, Goddess.
    Catania-Rose Diamond

  24. Ezada
    13.01.2016 @ 11:50

    Contact form on My website, of course.

  25. Catania-Rose
    14.01.2016 @ 23:23

    Thank you so much, Goddess.

  26. Fadi
    20.01.2016 @ 15:39

    Your majesty
    I want to be owned by u as your own feet and house slave forever under a slavery contract plz
    Your slave

  27. Ezada
    20.01.2016 @ 15:49

    Apply for online training and poof Me you are a worthy to be owned by Me.

  28. Benny Taylor
    03.06.2016 @ 23:05

    Great statement for a daily foot worship, Ms Ezada, my dominant tutor Mistress Susan forces me to do it in a similar way. Especially I have to lick her really sweaty toes in between when she returns from her aerobic studio – it’s so hard and humiliating for me – but it’s absolutely necessary for a good relationship between a female tutor and a male student. Mistress Susan is also a very strict diciplinarian and she believes in strict corporal punishment. So I get the whip regularly – but it hurts so much and therefore I humbly beg her for licking her feet for mercy. After getting my punishment I have to lick her toe imprints of her insoles in her pumps for respect. But I like her strict treatments very much – because in this way I perform to a well-brated gentleman.

  29. lil boo
    09.10.2016 @ 02:09

    Really wanna kneel and worship ur powerful gorgeous feet,really dieing to be under ur feet for the rest of my life

  30. Ken
    08.11.2016 @ 00:07

    I lived next door to a Black family, divorced young mom with 3 kids, 2 young girls Keesha 15, her 9 year old sister Tae Tae, and 6 year old brother Malcolm. In a very short time I became their white boi slave with a collar on my neck out their by Kanika, the 33 year old mom. One Saturday while Kanika was out shopping, I was naked on my knees in the living room of my house waiting for orders when suddenly the door swung open and Kanika’s 3 kids walked in, I covered my little white penis immediately, incredibly embarrassed, “Please leave” I said. I am waiting on your mom to come back” NO WAY CRACKER” the 15 year old yelled at me,”U MY FUCKIN SLAVE TOO” as Keesha tugged on my lease and began to walk me around, the other 2 kids giggling, I was so humiliated, “KNEEL WHITE BOI, FAGGOT” KEESHA yelled at me, I knelt at her feet, she BITCHSLAPPED me hard.”NOW KNEEL DOWN BEFORE MY LITTLE SISTER U HER BITCH TOO” KEESHA handed TAE TAE the leash, immediately the 9 year old Black Girl pulled hard on my lease as I protested, TAE TAE BITCHSLAPPED me twice hard, these kids were learning quick, ” BOW FAGGOT” TAE TAE yelled at me, I bowed before this 9 year old girl, all were laughing I was humiliated.” KISS MY FUCKIN FEET” TAE TAE screamed. Furiously pulling on my lease, as I hesitated TAE TAE BITCHSLAPPED me again unreal, not needing slapped again I began kissing both TAE’S TAE’S feet, and without being told BITCHLICKED her feet clean, MY GOD I thought slave to a little girl even,totally stripping away my masculinity, my only existance is for this Superior Black Families pleasure

  31. Nahom Tamirat
    23.03.2017 @ 21:32

    Please Please My Divine Queen I Bige You again to again why do you Ignore Me ?? What Is Wrong With Me Why Don’t You Use Me for your pleasure or ur Entertainment ?? Relly I am interested in you So I Give You all my age and my any body your pleasure material even if as your feet Carpet Or Ashtery I am obey you all your Order as your paid Slave ,,,,

  32. Toni Mitterer
    17.12.2017 @ 23:46

    I’m a student (20) in Vienna and I’m living in a female led patchwork family. There’s only one rule: Women rule! The Head Mistress (42) keeps a tight reign over me and the other boys and so the daily foot worshipping is a normal duty for us (cleaning the ladies shoes, massaging their feet and so on). I’ve my own room but when a Lady enters the room I have to bow down in front of her feet kissing her toe nails for respect (and also the other boys have to do). In the evening I often have been commanded to the living room – to take my place at the ladies feet, licking and sucking their sweaty nylon cladded toes only for their pleasure! Yes, sometimes it’s hard but life works! For a better world with Female supremacy!

  33. Sandra
    20.12.2017 @ 00:28

    Thank you, Goddess Ezada, your essay will be greatly appreciated. For myself I’ve introduced similar strict rules for my subby boyfriend; he has to do a respectful foot service by command. Cleaning my shoes is his daily duty, and for my pleasure he’s giving me a good foot rub in the evening when I watch TV. Very, very important is that he’s obliged to kiss my feet for respect – every morning when I wake up and also every evening when I go to bed. Sometimes when he’s naughty I slap him with my toes on his cheeks – not hardly, but a little bit – so he must feel his subordination. Life can be so easy!

  34. Ezada
    20.12.2017 @ 21:23

    Sandra, I am so happy to hear how well you trained your subby bf. 🙂

  35. Ezada
    20.12.2017 @ 21:24

    you are a very lucky boy!

  36. Amit
    18.07.2020 @ 19:54

    Yes my humble goddess,a slave is not a slave,he is totally foot slave of your divine feet.l am decent man extremely footfetish submissive and worshiper of your sacred feet.l am begging your beautiful feet and gorgeous shoes heels as your most obedient foot slave.I am passionate for your feet and shoes heels.You can dominate me under your feet as your wish.l have to start the morning with your foot worship and have to stay under your feet 24x7x365 days.l believe men are slaves and my right place is under your heavenly feet.My entire body is ready as carpet for trampling.l want to be your human foot mat.My Goddess l am belong to your feet,make me your foot slave.Femdom with your feet is my best desire.Your sacred feet is my ultimate destination.

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