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  1. Chris
    23.12.2014 @ 22:47

    Under Your Ass ,my Goddess , every male would like to breathe .

  2. Chris
    24.12.2014 @ 08:33

    i am looking forward for Your thoughts about toilet slavery in Ezadasinnism .Being in use to You is a privelege for every male .No one is above You ,no one can be compared to You .

  3. horstie fm
    25.12.2014 @ 08:08

    Until now i only thought about the practical side of human furniture. You turn a male into an mere object, inanimate, totally downscaled to Your disposal. And You can utilize this function of Your slaves everywhere and anytime. If You have a walk, You always have a bench to rest, etc.

    But now i can learn to understand the conceptual importance of face sitting. We have to be grateful that You teach us the essentials of Female Supremacy

  4. paulo miguel gonçalves ornelas camacho
    26.12.2014 @ 01:45

    YOU really now what is Female Supremacy and it is rare to find a Goddess with such knowledge. I know my place under YOU Goddess Ezada. So , it will be my pleasure being used as YOUR human furniture for YOU to rest YOUR delicate feet or being under YOUR sublime ass on facesitting worshipping YOUR beautiful butt Goddess Ezada. YOU really know how to teach a man his place.

  5. tomas
    26.12.2014 @ 03:26

    Mistress Ezada Sinn, I am lost in Your world. Time stop when reading this about face sitting. Ohh Mistress, I love and worshipping You. Very sexy pictures

  6. Hnegda
    01.01.2015 @ 12:56

    Oh, my Goddess. Your ecstasy is my pleasure. I love your fragrance.

  7. bob
    09.01.2015 @ 12:27

    please post the other story Mistress about using your slave as your toilet 🙂

  8. Vicky
    08.02.2015 @ 20:06

    Apropos description is very appropriate !! would love to serve you as an object .

  9. Mary
    15.05.2015 @ 09:38

    free movie clips an may februar and march?

  10. Billy
    14.06.2015 @ 16:05

    Wonderful piece, especially Queening part.

  11. ahmad
    04.11.2016 @ 15:21

    i will u wear gloves latex and dressed full latex by long skrit bondage my head in sofa fullweight big ass latex sit on my face 2 hours relaxe and farting mmmm

  12. Wayne
    19.02.2017 @ 19:57

    Your writing sums exactly how I felt the first time I got my face sat on. It wasn’t something I had asked for or even thought about it happened after getting into an argument with some others, a long story but the feeling of helplessness once I was put under there is something you can’t forget. Knowing they control everything from the length of time under there to how much fresh air you get whilst at the same time humiliating you by making you sniff their knickers. The fact you can’t speak and are in near darkness makes it a surreal experience and it got to the stage where I had no idea how long I was under there until it ended.

  13. Ezada
    25.03.2017 @ 22:43

    This is lovely. Thank you for sharing.

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