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  1. Chris
    02.01.2015 @ 06:31

    Amazing story once again .
    The luckiest slave of the Goddess Ezada Sinn ,many envy you of the priveleges you have .

  2. Billy
    03.01.2015 @ 13:27

    This story has started well, there can never be enough Queening or facesitting in femdom stories. Some facesitting photos would be great also.

  3. tomas
    04.01.2015 @ 06:14

    Fabulous picture of a true Goddess

  4. horstie fm
    05.01.2015 @ 22:05

    i envy the lucky slave Roger. i dream about such a glory slavehood. However, i’m a quite worthless devotee who serves the Supreme Being in Female Supremacy no more than working on a blog dedicated only to Her: – i adore Her beauty, i appreciate Her power, i praise Her wisdom, all in all Her perfectness in Female Domination. But i never get the happiness slave Roger felt

  5. Billy
    06.01.2015 @ 11:11

    I think this is exactly what it says it is, a story. i.e. a work of fiction.

  6. Paolo
    26.03.2015 @ 20:45

    You are a Goddess…

  7. jay
    22.05.2016 @ 05:07

    Wonderful to be able to serve Her in those 3 pillars of servitude! you are lucky!

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