The importance of face sitting in male slavery

People often ask Me about what best symbolizes the subjugation of the male under the Female. It is not the whipping, not the boot worship and it is in on no account wanking men looking at pictures of leather clad women. None of that. The best symbol of Femdom is converting men to human furniture.

How better could you express the function of the male as a mere tool and a simple object of utility for a woman than by using him as a piece of furniture: A chair, a footstool, an ashtray, a cushion under the woman’s butt. By using him as furniture you turn him into an inanimate object. A footstool is not a human being. It is just a footstool. It does not talk, it does not move, it does not even think. It is just there to serve the Mistress. By employing the male as such an object you will engrave the message deeply into his mind that he is nothing more than that: An object for you to use.

Human foot stool Ezada Sinn

The Mistress can easily extend such service to go on for hours and hours and this will make the message so impressive. It can be repeated as often as you like, there is no need to be considerate of his health or skin as you might be in a whipping session. For the Female it will come 100 % hassle free. If for example you feel like spending a whole evening in front of the TV, relaxing on a couch, watching your famous shows, your slave can be there with you to serve you. He can kneel in front of you, his face down on the floor offering your tired feet their well deserved rest. No need for you at all to even take notice. You might just have your riding crop lying by your side. Just in case, to remind him of his status and function from time to time should he dare to move.

The high point of the concept of human furniture then is of course the facesitting. Facesitting brings it all together: You not only use the male as an object to sit on like a chair. It goes much further than that. The human essence is generally associated with the face of the person. And the face is the mirror of the soul, right? Facesitting is neglecting his human soul. In facesitting you put his personification as a human character as low as possible; you put him under your ass. You show him where his place really is. Such a strong symbol of Female supremacy: By using her most intimate and delicate yet also “dirty” parts the allegedly “weak gender” overcomes the male. Your weight on his face will strictly make him feel overcome, subdued, downed. It is explaining him without any words but with the universal and unambiguous body language who is superior, who is stronger, who is in charge. It is the Female not the male! And he will really feel the weight of this lecture you are teaching him. He will feel it pound by pound of your divine body.

Then facesitting – or smothering how it is nicely called – is not just a symbol. The smothering woman doubtlessly exercises strong corporal power. You can easily use the facesitting for some real serious punishment. The amount of vital oxygen that you allow him to live on is completely at your free discretion. So tie him down to immobility and then literally take his breath. Breathing fresh air will become a luxury he desperately yearns for once your regal backside firmly covers his nose and mouth. Make it a little game for your joy, surely not for his. Start of by just rubbing your buttocks all over his face. Watch him how he will start to gasp under you, relish his accelerating aspiration. Then hear his moaning coming from between your legs, feel the writhing body. Ah wonderful! Now its time to muffle that little uproar! Take a seat. Seal his mouth and nose with your lovely booty and cut off his air supply. Once he has calmed down, allow him to breathe again for a moment. Just a little, then resolutely return to your position. Get down nice and easy on him with your full body weight. Keep him down and have your strong thighs firmly hold his head in place. Just rest there like a queen enjoys sitting on her cushioned throne. Relish your mastery. When his quivering body proves the urgent need for oxygen you will show a little mercy again. This can go on and on and on…

Over time you will erase all rational thinking within him, you will turn him to a wild creature led only by animal instincts: Fear, flight, submission, pain and yes, believe it or not, sexual arousal as well. Make him your victim that has fallen prey to a beautiful and dangerous beast. Because that’s what this ritual is really all about. Oh, I so absolutely love it when I feel that the puppy starts to fight for some fresh air under My mighty cheeks. His gasping breath will tickle Me there between My thighs and it feels so sweet… And the sweeter it gets, the more intense will be My smell he gets to sniff down there… My pussy does get wet by only imagining now this delicate sensation underneath Me…
But hey, remember: You could easily suffocate him by just taking a rest on his face. So, take it a little easy, don’t overdo things. It takes some experience and a good knowledge of the person underneath you to take it to the limit but not over it!

tumblr face sitting in sexy panties

When you smother him, he will be so close to your most intimate parts, he will smell your juices, but he will not at all be able to touch or see or look or lick them. Your arousing scent will invade and flood his defenceless cerebellum through his nose but there will be no way that he can convert the hormonal and emotional overflow to actions of his limbs. He will have to lie still and motionless. He won’t be able to think or do anything anymore. He is just that: Your human cushion. Because true facesitting never involves any active slave participation. It is something totally different from Sanctum worship (i.e. “pussy licking” for My not so regular readers). In facesitting the slave is an object, nothing else. Things happen to him, he has no choice but to let things happen, he does not act himself. That is also why tight leather pants are My favorite outfit when I practise facesitting. The smell, the texture, the consistency of the material on his face enhances the effect of the ritual. And it keeps his tongue away from Me.

Still, to tell you the true, sometimes I then just can´t help but to take off My pants after a while. And take a seat on the slave again… Because I felt like using the toilet but then thought of something much better than to visit the restroom. Something even more humiliating for My slave…. But that now is a story for another blog entry….

Mistress Ezada heavy face sitting