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  1. stoney
    19.06.2015 @ 22:08

    Dear Goddess Ezada

    The words You scribe here are ones of the utmost truth and importance. Marking your property to cement Your ownership, is an act never to be taken lightly.

    To be marked or ultimately branded in the flesh with Your signature, is one of the highest honors, You can bestow upon Your possession. Besides imprinting Your ownership firmly in the mind, body and spirit of Your slave, it also affords the slave, the good grace of displaying Your mark of to others, privately and publicly.

    To be branded by You is an ultimate gift of love for Your property. To accept this mark is a superlative display of true capitulation by Your property. In many ways this act is even more intimate than the moment of a first collaring.

    May the ones You have branded, proudly understand the significance of this act and display Your marks with dignity.

    my best

  2. Billy
    20.06.2015 @ 15:01

    You seem to have become more severe and crueller since moving to Germany Stapana.

  3. roger
    22.06.2015 @ 11:05

    Dear Ms Ezada Sin,
    I have read through your website up to here and have downloaded your 10 positions instructions and am now reading through this one about branding; so i have a question:
    Please can you tell me what happens when a Mistress who has branded a slave wants to sell him to another Mistress? With your brand already upon the slave, does this not mean that she cannot put her brand upon the slave also; and that she cannot be seen as the original and true owner of the slave; which she might wish? I feel sure that every Mistress wants a slave to be seen as hers alone but she may also want to sell him if the time so happens that she tires of him.
    Surely you need something less permanent perhaps, as an alternative ,but just as definitive when marking a slave as your own ; but one that can be adjusted such as a document of ownership or a deed of ownership that shows all of his history and usage up to now. Just as in ownership of a car these log books could be seen a more acceptable form of ownership when the slave has got good reason to not want his slavery status to be known? Perhaps it may also be possible to put a lockable cock ring on the slave as a sign of ownership too because the keys may be transferred as well as the log books?
    These less permanent signs of ownership may also prevent a slave from excusing himself because of threats of blackmail by people who realize what this means as they are nor immediately seen and realized for what they are. It would also comfort a slave into being your slave under ownership status because he would have less to fear from damage to his skin and the questions of nurses and doctors etc and people who may see him on a beach etc.
    As the key that you wear around your lovely neck may show your status as a Dominant Female you could have a corresponding padlock symbol upon some wearable jewelry such as a bangle etc to indicate the corresponding male status as slave.
    I think it would be good and indeed an exciting development if there were symbols used on wearable items like rings with an ‘0’ Link attached for the submissive or slave and a corresponding whip or key symbol on a ring for a Female?
    For my own part i feel that i would intensely fear a branding but would embrace a ring of some sort because the ring would remain your property and the slave would have to sign for acceptance of the ring with all the conditions attached. All slaves know that permanent markings devalue them as salable items but more than this they know whip marks eventually fade but a brand mark never does.
    I tend to take the same view with tattoos too. Don’t we all tire of looking the same every day?
    I’ m sure too, that a clean unmarked back or body looks more impressive when you using a new whip.
    Its a bit like using a new paintbrush on a new canvas i feel.
    May i say that i have enjoyed reading your website and am already an ardent admirer of yours. I even watched the Video of you in the read latex dress ( I love latex and i love to see you dressed in it)
    I acted according to your masturbation instructions, and when you counted down to 3 it happened just like you expected . I was not holding my penis as i ejaculated. Its a very powerful control technique for a male to be taken in hand like this and prevented from cumming when he wants. I do like the download of positions very much and will try to learn them by heart when i can. These presentation videos do a lot to encourage a man to become your slave, and i applaud you for showing them too.
    When it comes to pain all slaves are different and some can take a lot of pain and others not so much.Some slaves like a deeper form of mental control also…and the perfomance of rituals and the High Priestess atmospheres can induce a state of absolute bliss to others.
    For myself i am a combination of all three. I can take a fair amount of pain and appreciate the power of various whips. Some can cut, others leave less permanent marks, and others have emotive and more practical applications as well. I like the quirt as a means of punishment but have never felt its power.I have felt the power of the lunge whip and riding whip and can testify that the lunge whip hurts like mad and can cut. I was a model for the British Institution under Mistress Ashleigh Embers and she managed to cur my leg with a lunge whip The scar could be seen for many months, and i had to be careful to keep it covered lest my wife see it ! I was also a model in a couple of other videos a few years ago.
    I have my own metal chastity device and am wearing it now but again these items are extremely awkward to wear in many situations so i have to be careful to put the key in a very safe place as there is only one.
    I do so very much agree with your collaring ceremony and have a fantasy of my own that combines with it too.
    This ‘fantasy’ sees me naked on a long black or rubber carpet which leads to your throne .I am stretched out on my belly with my hands outstretched towards you and my hands and legs are linked by chains and cuffs so that i when wish to crawl forward i need to bend in a humped but crouched position. As i raise my bottom i am whipped to go forward and as i lie on my belly i am also whipped but not as i raise and lower myself to position. With me crawling this way towards my Mistress Throne and my head covered in a rubber hood i am thus led towards being collared.
    I had imagined my initial entrance as crawling under a black curtain through a door when suddenly a preparatory set of half-collar shaped wooden neck stocks are placed around my neck by two Of Mistress Assistants to encourage me into the desired positions. I can only describe these as the mirror images of a curved bridge whereby the roads on both sides are long handles that hold the slaves neck in place..
    The final collar placing by the Mistress is followed by the consumption of a glass of my Mistress Warm Golden Nectar. What bliss !

    Kind Regards.
    Yours Truly.

  4. Ezada
    23.06.2015 @ 21:35

    So many questions in just one comment. I will only tell you that a Mistress/slave relationship is like a marriage. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. It is a risk that one must assume. And selling a slave to another Mistress is no more than a fantasy. When a Domina wants to get rid of a slave she just simply dismisses him.

  5. Ezada
    23.06.2015 @ 21:38

    Branding is not about cruelty.

  6. horstie fm
    24.06.2015 @ 16:33

    Is it fantasy or is it coming into being?

  7. Peter
    24.06.2015 @ 22:58

    The Idea with the QR-Code is awesome! What a perfect enhancement with normal slave tattoos.

  8. cigar ashsub
    25.06.2015 @ 02:49

    Seems so thrilling and excitement at the mere thought of giving ones self up completely by allowing body to be permanently marked with his Mistress symbol. In same time it’s can also be somewhat scary for slave because he is giving up so much control for now and future as symbol will means the slave will never be able to have another Mistress without her knowing it was owned by original Mistress. Thus slave will always be bound in some way or form to original Mistress regardless of whether it was dismissed from her or not. Yes Mistress Ezada, what you say is so correct a Domme/slave relationship, especially serious ones, are like a marriage and should definitely never be entered into lightly. The relationship requires much thought, care, and effort to make it work for both parties, is especially true on the part of the slave as he must give his body, soul, and mind completely 100% to his Mistress and make maximum effort and care to please her.

    cigar ashsub

  9. John Cano
    25.06.2015 @ 10:49

    slave would love nothing more than to be branded and tatooed with a bar code showing Mistress as it’s owner.

  10. Ezada
    26.06.2015 @ 16:08

    All My collared slaves are branded one way or another (hubby has a piercing in his frenum, another one has a pet microchip, two others have cigarette burns and one of these two has a permanent marker branding that has to be renewed every 2-3 days). I have never used the hot iron yet, but I am sure I will at some point, when I decide it’s time. The only thing that stops Me is that I’m afraid I will not like the brand after it’s done.

  11. Ezada
    26.06.2015 @ 16:08

    I agree!

  12. the secretary
    27.06.2015 @ 09:56

    Dear Mistress Ezada Sinn,

    I would ask for permission to be able to translate this text and to be able to publish on the website SM Studio News with a large and detailed profile on you. Of course, the source will be linked.

    on knees,

  13. horstie fm
    27.06.2015 @ 10:08

    Thank You, Mistress! You deepen our understanding of Your great Female domination. You are the owner of Your slaves. Surely, You can do with Your property what You want. When You want to sign Your property with Your brand it’s Your right. i think You will nobilitate only extremely devoted slaves with Your brand

  14. tomas
    20.07.2015 @ 00:53

    many different feeling about branding scary but also “steamy hot” to read. I love You, powerful Goddess on earth

  15. slave brian
    09.09.2015 @ 19:09

    Mistress, i firmly believe that all males should be branded at puberty and be fitted with a permanent chastity device at this time also. when taken by a superior Lady either in marriage or slavery the slave would then receive a permanent branding of either the wife,s or Mistress,s mark. as a worth less male i carry my previous Lady owners Mark which is her initials on the inside of my left thigh. my penis head was also wire branded with her initials at the same time although since being released it is now quite faint. i firmly believe that the time has now come and all males born should be marked and chastised at puberty so that all records of misdeeds and owners can easily be checked. as a worthless male, i believe we are not much higher than an animal and as there are too many free males who idle their time away masturbating as filthy dogs it is time the superior Female took proper control of the male population. i also believe that after a male reaches 30 they should be castrated as their time has passed to be any use as breeding stock and there are too many males anyway. i believe in your superiority Mistress and would gladly consent to becoming owned by you.

    slave brian

  16. MUNGO
    13.01.2016 @ 17:07

    femdompassion-fr:Bien dressé, très docile, chaste depuis 2 ans.
    Qui va faire la première offre ?

    On the auction block.

    Salutations and good day to you Sovereign Mistress,

    This message also includes my collar-space profile

    In the circles that I have moved and lived in during my adult life to date, a ‘real’ traditional chattel subject (slave) like me does not normally negotiate its own slavery conditions. That is left to be negotiated between the present and future owner and the slave plays no part in the proceedings. My late owner a very intelligent Woman did not make provision for such a potential eventuality nor was I gifted to any of her friends in the event of her mental incapacity are death. So I have no choice but to do that task myself. This is about pure servitude not really about kink, fetish, perversion and certainly not about sexual fulfillment in itself alone.

    I am often copied by plagiarists who copy and paste part are the whole of my profile because they are too lazy to make one themselves and because they cannot measure up. But I am seldom equalled in truthful content. What you read and see is what you get. Nothing more and nothing less! It highlights my experience and antecedents and skills. It I not a list of demands. Each owner will have different wants, needs and expectations of their humanoid property and so will impose their own mild, moderate, severe control regime upon that servile property. It is for that property to adjust and adapt to any new imposed owner regime. I hold dual nationality, American and British and so hold two passports. I am also wary of the fact that 95% of profiles on every single lifestyle website are of dubious authenticity. Nonetheless, it only takes one genuine Dominant Lady Owner; Couple are Family to own me. I cannot be utilized in any vanilla settings because being who and what I am I would not fit in well but am more used to being kept within lifestyle settings by previous owners choice. I am though adaptable to any new owner’s particular imposed regime. What you read below is how things once were not how they should are will be. It takes mutual trust and respect to further progression to its natural conclusion and at least two to three months minimum before anything can become real and operable. Nothing occurs in days are weeks. Consensual servitude is a grey area neither recognized nor illegal. One day hopefully, consensual chattel subject humanoids like me may be bought and sold at a licensed premises in the future just like any other business quite openly and not covertly as happens nowadays without power exchange. People should again be openly bought and sold with their own full cooperation. Not everyone is born to be free are is entitled to be free. We who are nature’s evolved chattel subjects neither want are need freedom are human rights and civil liberties. They are contrary to out very psyche and such rights and liberties would only serve to hinder us in our role and purpose for which nature has preordained for us.


    When Peggy Sue got married (☺), she had been looking for one particular type of man: one who wants to be a slave husband to a dominant woman who loves him! Several decades later, they are as happy as any couple possibly could be and have raised two lovely daughters on the principle of female supremacy. Hat’s off to that family!


    Do you seek to be looked after in your life and also have your own home looked after also? Please do not waste our time if you have absolutely no legitimate interest whatsoever? I am quite proud of my birthright vocation and of my capability for sustained servitude for the direct benefit of those preordained to have legitimate right of power and control ownership of my servile anatomy. I also wish to make it quite clear that I am a celibate slave by choice and do wear a locked chastity restraint which is stainless steel except for when travelling by Air when it is plastic.

    This profile will only be of interest to those genuine dominant women who lead busy full time working lives within society. Women who have both the want and need to acquire and own by legal power exchange enactments over one are more subservient lesser mortals for the purpose of domestic servitude within their home and to be regarded has working animal chattels existing for their personal benefit and general well being. This has nothing whatsoever to do with sexual gratification but everything to do with voluntary servitude, loyalty, dedication and obedience to authority. I am a servant and not a a lover, spouse, friend, associate, colleague etcetera and so am set apart from normal society and have a place outside of normal social interaction relationships. My Employer/Adopter can actually consider me as being their own private property that exists to serve and obey them and work long hours for their benefit and comfort. Some people write of owning submissive, Well a submissive is a natural freeborn person and you cannot really own them unless they consent to become and remain that which Mother nature preordained me to be a natural servile nonentity otherwise known as a born slave. Each owner will be different in their approach and beliefs. Some will be mild, others moderate and some severe in how they think of, speak to and treat as servile nonentity. I am adaptable to new situations and control regimes and not stuck into one particular control regime. I relate my skills and experience below they are not demands as some would deliberately are mistakenly label them. Some equate a submissive with a slave and claim to own sub missives. But the two are radically different and poles apart in mindset. All slaves are submissive but most submissives are not slaves. A submissive is not owned and does not want to be. A slave wants and needs to be owned. A modern day consensual slave actually pays towards its own upkeep so its owner incurs no ownership costs in maintaining their chattel subject property. I do not obey the online demands of any person just because the style themselves a goddess, mistress, are whatever. I do not deal with the failed amateur actress pro domina’s or the silly Billy fin domina’s. Are the ludicrous online slaves which are a complete nonsense? I also have no desire to associate with anyone who does not know are cannot differentiate between a slave and a submissive.

    I am an experienced birthright vocation servant. I do not do this has a hobby are kink.
    I am a pay my own way servant and that does not imply paying pro domes.
    That means I pay my adopter/guardian for my board and lodging and utility bills.
    I will pay a one off ownership payment of $5000 when legal documents are signed.
    I seek a live in, 24/7 situation where I am paid no salary whatsoever.
    I work variable but usually long hours each day.
    I receive no time off whatsoever because my type of servant gets no vacations.
    I already own my own home which can be rented out for long periods.
    I can and will relocate if required.
    I am a qualified Chef with a Diploma.
    I am a qualified Therapeutic Masseur with a Diploma and practice license.
    I am a qualified Gardener with a Diploma.
    I am a qualified Housekeeper having worked in hotels.
    I am a general handyman with certificates but never formally apprenticed in trades.
    I have been legally subject to voluntary power exchange enactments.
    I have legally consented to my human rights and personal freedom being withdrawn.
    I have signed a voluntary worker agreement with employment rights waiver.
    I have signed a durable power of attorney.
    I have signed one adult adoption agreement.
    I have undergone a legal name change chosen by my adopter/guardian.
    I have been tattooed with a small discreet ownership insignia.
    I was in a power exchange relationship has an owned live in male chattel subject. These legal power exchange enactments were a voluntary worker agreement with employment rights waiver, irrevocable general power of attorney, and adult adoption agreement.
    I was in service for 14 years 4 months until my lady owner’s sudden demise.
    I slept a rested in a locked cage at night in the otherwise empty closet space.
    I had to endure prolonged painful disciplinary sessions has required.
    I spend most of my time confined indoors and went out under escort.
    I was required to be completely naked and was shackled doing my housework.
    I visited the doctor and dentist each twice a year under escort.
    I have my own private source of regular income from a legacy which is controlled.
    I wore a locked collar and a locked made to measure chastity restraint device.
    I am adopted by a married couple both now deceased.
    I know nothing of my birth family.
    I deliberately shun making friends so that I can concentrate upon servitude.
    I have my own up to date comprehensive insurance policies.
    I regularly organized and prepared buffet luncheons, dinner and super parties.
    I regularly cooked normal breakfast, luncheon and dinner for my lady owner.
    My lady owner was a commercial lawyer.
    She owned me for many long years until her untimely and unexpected demise. She had neglected to make provision for my ownership transfer in the event of death is mental incapacity.
    I was treated at all times like owned property and kept under strict control.
    A close personal friend remained in the home supervising me until she got home.
    I have known since early childhood who and what I was but could not act upon it.
    I searched for many years before finding this lady who was very dominant.
    I have always felt ill at ease with freedom it does not suit my personality.
    I feel safer and much more secure in servitude than being in freedom.
    Exposure to freedom actually pollutes my psyche and depletes my submission.
    I thrive upon servitude and it completes me and so makes me feel valued and useful.
    You would have carte-blanche sovereign dominion over me to do has you please.
    I have no preference for single women are lady couples are families, with are without lifestyle oriented children. I have no preference for any sexual orientation, physical handicap, racial origin, religious persuasion, social class. If you have the weant and need and are a genuine and recognized dominant women who would trive and better herself by owning a real male slave chattel subject, servile nonentity beast then please do not hesitate to contact me so we can discuss the matrer maturely. It is a decision that requires much thoughful deliberation within yourself and in consultation with others also perhaps? Never a decision to be taken lightly because it is mos certainly a life changing one.

    ‘Faster you pathetic fool…’

    A dream to hope for

    I seek to be owned by a no nonsense lady who is strict and expects and demands that her power exchange servant be hard working, trouble free, loyal and obedient, a none smoker and drinker and does not take illegal narcotics and who is also celibate. A servile nonentity that knows its place and so keeps its place beneath her authority. I am, chastity restrained by choice and enforcement but can still perform cunnilingus upon a dominant lady owner if required to do so.

    A lady who remains aloof and does not treat her servant has her spouse, lover, friend, and colleague, associate, confident. One who regards her charge has being just working animal in humanoid form. She should also expect an demand that her charge be a credit to her and ensures it never does anything to bring her into ridicule are disrepute so its public and private behaviour must be impeccable at all times as must its standard of servile workmanship.


    Oh – and don’t forget to do the laundry. My tights you can put in the washing machine, but My knickers you’ll have to hand-wash. You’d better do that before you clean the kitchen. And remember I need My white blouse for work tomorrow so you’ll have to iron it. Oh and don’t forget to….

    If you are interested and few ever have been, then I would like to hear from you with a view to being owned in a power exchange enactment arrangement within 4 months are less. No endless online conversations but many meaningful telephone discussions and a meeting occurring has soon has is possible.

    All character references and background checks can be done after the initial meeting and such will only be on me not you. I can produce certain proofs at the meeting. No photographs will be sent until trust has been established between us.

    I have no preference for single women are lady couples are families, with are without lifestyle oriented children. I have no preference for any sexual orientation, physical handicap, racial origin, religious persuasion, social class.

    Once in your power and control I then do exactly has I am told but never before then. I must reiterate that this is not a fantasy role-play. It is a chosen lifestyle vocation and one held and chosen since childhood but not acted upon until adult life began. The photographs below with the exception of the first one are not of me. They are depictions be they staged are real of the lifestyle and activities in daily life occurrence within that lifestyle. I HAVE PHOTOGRAPHS BUT WILL NOT SEND THEM TO ANYONE UNLESS AND UNTIL TRUST IS ESTABLISHED AND DISCUSSIONS ARE FRUITFUL AND PROGRESSIVE.


    Kind regards,

    Spencer Howard (Brutus) named as such by my late lady owner.


    When I became her lodger, I didn’t know this would be part of the deal.

    Nice one.


    I’ll reblog this every time …

    In order to assist with improving the female health and well being and to release a ladies stress and anxieties the slave must suffer pain and discomfort under humane an controlled conditions from time to time as required.
    Male getting wipped by a long whip…

    These Ladies know how to handle a male pig…


    Locked in my SM Factory collar and cuffs, while wearing my Neosteel chastity belt.


    Fit guy, hard steel, what’s not to like…



    the new uniform for doing chores.

    Follow LovelyMasterGER for more SM-Pics and other Pics of cute young guys.

    Male Slave Bull whipped
    Male Slave Bull whipped click on to view.

    Femdom – Outdoors Brutal Whipping
    Femdom – Outdoors Brutal Whipping


    begging won’t really help …now get on all four and you WILL be spanked

  17. Ezada
    13.01.2016 @ 17:12

    What is that?

  18. gil
    20.01.2016 @ 21:06

    Could I have the privilege to know and possibly belong to you Goddess.

  19. Devotee of Goddess Ezada Sinn
    14.03.2016 @ 23:58

    My sister’s initials are ES! She also runs a slave agency and has many slaves who worship her to death. but i worship you goddess.

  20. Jon Morris
    03.04.2016 @ 01:26

    Your beautiful I’d love to be your slave, I’ll do anything you ask mistress please

  21. Ashish
    05.07.2016 @ 00:00

    Hi, Goddess I am 24 years age young boy from Asia. One day I found male orgasm denial and mistress and slave porn videos. Now I am addicted to these king of porn. Nowdays I am spending most of my time watching femdom porn. I read articles on these subject. And now I know what I need to do. After thinking for whole night I decided to chose a mistress for my self. And I would like to submit my self to permanent chastity and orgasm denial for life long. I just need some guidance from you how to get there. Of would you like to consider me? Plz I am begging you. I spent all my day thinking about this. Plz help me.

  22. Ezada
    05.07.2016 @ 20:21

    Join My online training program

  23. Din Torturslave
    25.07.2016 @ 13:06

    Dear Mistress Ezada

    Allow me to ask you if you agree with the reply above where a slave should be castrated after he is 30 years?
    Beside branding I cannot think if a greater honor to a slave than a Mistress who want his balls cut off.
    Your devoted

  24. Ezada
    26.07.2016 @ 16:25

    As a fantasy castrating a male is a turn on for Me but I would never castrate My slaves. I see zero advantages in it. On the contrary: without testosterone the libido of a male will decrease therefore I will loose the orgasm control component, something that is extremely important for Me.

  25. shinsakuto
    21.11.2016 @ 23:26

    Dear Mistress
    Indeed many say branding is permanent.I’d like to let you know branding can be removed and anybody can do it for free.No tool required.

  26. anonwife
    01.01.2017 @ 08:32

    I personally think that with technology these days, there is no reason to not have 24/7 gps monitoring of boyfriends/husbands.

  27. Ezada
    01.01.2017 @ 13:51


  28. Mando
    06.06.2017 @ 04:31

    How can i apply to be your slave i am looking to live the life style you spoke about

  29. Mihai
    15.06.2017 @ 00:17

    My name is Mihai and I’m a budding slave looking for a long-term relationship for a master

  30. Ezada
    16.06.2017 @ 21:00

  31. Slave ray
    10.01.2018 @ 19:33

    Mistress goodress ezada you was born to be dominant à slave place should on his knees at your feet you so beautiful.

  32. Slave ray
    06.02.2018 @ 01:06

    Brand your slave for good measure.

  33. caribslave
    14.03.2018 @ 00:41

    caribslave Goddess, i was surprised to read You saying selling a slave is a fantasy. is it not Your right to dispose of Your property as You see fit? if it truly is your slave surely it must and will accept your decision to sell it to another Owner. i have always accepted, if i am honoured enough to be owned, that She/He/They can sell me to whomever they wish. a slave, onve it accepts that that is what is is, should never be returned to freedom. i think in any ways that even more cruel than selling it ( which, admittedly, may be the point of freeing it…making it realize what it has lost)

  34. Ezada
    17.03.2018 @ 09:46

    A well trained slave is a valuable possession. he may be lent to My lady friends but he will always be Mine, as long he is serving Me well.

  35. pink poodle
    14.10.2018 @ 15:20

    Can there be a greater honour than wearing one’s Owner’s mark permanently upon one’s body?

  36. slvdanielle
    17.06.2019 @ 17:46

    i have read these thoughts with great interest–i am trying to find someone who can make a brand for my Mistress —She would like my position “slave” burnt deep into my pubic area–my ass cheeks already are tattooed with “slave to the Goddess M’ spread across both with pretty flowers underneath –She may also mark my inner thighs — i am so lucky to be owned by a wonderful
    powerful Woman who disciplines me daily and allows Her clients to rape and beat me

  37. Terppa Kinky
    02.01.2020 @ 04:01

    eny possible come yuor slave to house with contract??

  38. Ezada
    24.01.2020 @ 20:15

    I don’t understand what you said

  39. bootlicker
    05.06.2020 @ 02:04

    Goddess Ezada Sinn is infinitely wise in sharing Her opinion that castrating a slave is wrong. Not because it is unduly harmful to the slave — its feelings are totally unimportant — but, as She says, removing the balls removes the slave’s ability to surrender its deepest and most basic inner self to Her control.
    It would be like cutting off the slave’s hands or legs: it could no longer work all day in Her service. Or if, say, Mistress cut out a slave’s tongue, it could no longer please Her with the self-effacing servitude of cunnilingus, or sing the praises of Her divine beauty, authority and wisdom.
    Once more, this unworthy distant worshiper thanks The Goddess for this opportunity to express awe and admiration for Her sacred dominance, Her incredible beauty and Her kindness in allowing selected fortunate worms the high privilege of serving Her, amusing Her with their suffering, and — the very luckiest ones — wearing Her precious brand on their worthless hides.

    bootlicker (licking Yours by cyber-worship, Goddess!)

  40. Shawn Rudduck
    01.08.2020 @ 18:08

    Nice info

  41. Jerry
    10.08.2020 @ 18:42

    I am looking for a brand on my left rear and my dominate wife can not do it . Is there anyone in Southern California that will brand a slave subby hubby in front of an audiance of women and submit the slave to humiliation to show that I am submissive to my dominate wife for life

  42. Sam
    14.09.2020 @ 18:56

    I want to marry with a mistress and want to be a king of mistress world how this will become reality

  43. Frank
    14.12.2020 @ 01:33

    Your slaves are certainly aroused by being submissive. I enjoyed reading their comments.
    I prefer to be dominant. It’s natural for me. But these male slaves should be allowed to enjoy their sub feelings.
    Ezada I wonder how you would feel about having a man dominate you for a session?
    I would strip you naked and command you as my slave. Of course I would give you a powerful experience and permission at the right moment to have orgasms.
    I know you have many male slaves. I have female slaves.
    I m not trying to be rude coming on your website with all your slaves watching.
    Maybe they would enjoy thinking about a strong man sexually dominating their master.
    I just thought I’d ask. Would you consider being a sub for one night ?
    I’f so I will send you a picture.

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