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  1. Zain
    23.06.2015 @ 13:09

    Wow mistress ezada lookin nails so hot and sexy many kisses mistress ezada nails mistress ezada please just one time accept me as your pet slave so always i lick your feet and ass and i became your feet shoes and when you want you use me as your toilet

  2. tomas
    03.07.2015 @ 20:02

    “sit” i must say that Your blog is very good and interesting

  3. tomas
    03.07.2015 @ 20:09

    stiletto nails match perfect, Mistress Ezada

  4. William
    19.03.2017 @ 07:52

    Hi Mistress im a 52yo male slave i have been owned before undercontract for 2 yrs i really want to become your property i enter with absulutily no limits a slave with limits is not a slave relocating is no problem im getting a large lawsuit we are negotating now get with me before i have time to spend it

  5. Ezada
    25.03.2017 @ 22:41

    join MY online training program, we will see from there:

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