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  1. Chris
    05.12.2014 @ 15:24

    Amazing story ,which shows the Power that the Goddess Ezada Sinn has over Her slaves ,a true living Goddess .Slavery to Her is a privelege that most of us will never get ,but it’s really exciting to witness the completion of collaring ,even in words .I hope more stories of the same would be posted .

    P.S. : Goddess Ezada Sinn’s champagne is the most tasteful liquid that humans can taste .It is divine and it’s a gift from our Goddess to every slave ,who will drink it ,to just taste the divine Nature of the Goddess Ezada Sinn .

  2. Billy
    06.12.2014 @ 11:00

    Fantastic story, great attention to detail, wonderful photo also. Is this the end now, the slave simply lives out his days under lock and key?

  3. medor
    11.12.2014 @ 23:50

    gorgeous photo… with the red snake !

  4. Ezada
    11.12.2014 @ 23:59

    My favourite whip. The whip that most of My slaves hate. I don’t see why…

  5. tomas
    26.12.2014 @ 10:08

    Goddess Ezada Sinn, my eyes get full of tears reading this story, and yes a wonderful knocking picture of the most amazing Mistress on earth. I am Your gratefully devotee… tomas

  6. Adore_You
    17.01.2015 @ 07:47

    \ You are the only true goddess /

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