The collaring of Roger (part 5)

I would gladly have lain in a pool of my Stapana’s divine piss all day if need be, but I started to tidy up as commanded. I washed down the shower stall and then washed myself,  washing off the sweat, blood and tears of the hours spent recently submitting to Her. My back was a criss cross of welts from where She had whipped me, they really started to throb with pain now, a constant reminder of my suffering for Her…no more swimming for a while. There was no towel, so I would have to drip dry, I stood there naked and started to shiver. I searched for my clothes but Stapana had taken them with her into the house, I was completely helpless and at her mercy, naked and locked in her dungeon with no way out. 
I washed the soiled strapon from earlier, remembering how it had been deep inside my ass, and the feeling of being completely filled up inside. My ass was very sore and I also wasn’t sure if I liked being fucked by a big strapon like this but I suppose I had no choice now? I worshipped this woman as my supreme Goddess and if She wished  to use me in this way so be it, I would have to endure this for her, the sight of Her wearing a big rubber cock was very erotic and arousing but having it slammed up my asshole repeatedly was another matter.
I looked around my Stapanas dungeon and was amazed by all the different outfits She had hanging there on a rail, a bewildering array of latex and leather catsuits, skirts, corsets and dresses. I inhaled deeply, the smell of the leather intoxicating me.  She also had a huge collection of boots of various types and sizes. My favourites of course predictably were the thigh highs. What slave doesn’t go weak at the knees  when confronted by a beautiful, powerful Domina wearing a pair of thigh high boots?  The first reaction is to fall to your knees and run a servile tongue over the heel and toe. I took one of my Stapanas smaller leather boots and smelt the interior, I could still detect a faint smell of Her sweat on the inside. I inhaled the beautiful powerful aroma of the feet of my Goddess, the scent of Her mixed with the leather made me light headed again. 
There was also on the walls a collection of illustrations of various classic femdom scenes set in dungeons, castles and Chateaus, and a few portraits of my Stapana also. The artist had signed his name Sardax. The drawings were very accomplished and you could  tell a lot of effort and joy had gone into each one. I liked his work immensely. 
The key turned in the lock and my Stapana quickly entered, She had changed and wore her house coat  again over the catsuit. “So slave, what are you up to now?  snooping around my possessions, sniffing my boots, are you? Ha, ha. Freud would have a field day with you. You are a slave in training so a newbie, but whenever I or any of my dominant Lady friends enter a room, you must act accordingly. Your slave head must be ALWAYS below any superior females, you must not look me directly in the face or talk until you are spoken to. I will only ONCE show you my ten slave positions and you must memorise them and learn them by heart, the signals and the positions you must assume, and you must be quick. I want a fit alert slave. Remember there is a long line of submissive men begging me every day to be collared and to become my property, so if you don’t shape up you will be cast aside. I will email you a pdf so you can refer to and memorise the positions, I will test you on them, if you make ANY mistake you wil be beaten. Slavery is not always about play, IT IS ALSO MAINLY SERVING,  but I am usually a good judge of character and see something in you slave r that interests me…the potential and deeply felt need in you to be fully owned by a strong  powerful dominant Woman twenty four/seven, to  be controlled under slave contract, mind body and soul. I want a male slave to own as my personal goods, ultimately branding him with my ownership mark, my initials as you would an animal in the field.”
With that my beautiful Stapana showed me Her ten slave positions, the hand gestures and the positions to be assumed. I memorised then as best I could but would have to learn them properly later. I then assumed the waiting position, kneeling, head bowed to floor, hands upturned as is required.
“Good Boy, you are learning quickly, now I will inspect your cleaning and see what kind of a job you have done. As well as your day  job at the office you will be required in the evenings and at weekends also to keep this dungeon spick and span, you will clean and look after my latex and leather outfits, and polish and clean my boots. You will live here, and if after a period I am happy and satisfied with your progress I will let you Into the main house, you may sleep at the foot of my bed, as I may have use of you during the night or to assist me with my toilet in the morning. How does  that sound slave? Frightened?”
“Yes Stapana, giving up so much frightens me, but it also excites me, the thought of being owned completely”.
“Enough talk, this is the room where you will live for your trial period. You will be locked  in at night and chained to the wall by your collar. You will also wear the collar to work under  your shirt, it is a constant reminder of my hold over you and that I own you. You are not to talk to me at work or come up to my office floor, you will leave this house each morning by the workman’s side entrance,the one that’s used for deliveries. In time I will manipulate it so you will be assigned  many of my work tasks and I will delegate what you do from afar. I may give up work completely, we will see in time.”
I was lead by my leash on all fours into my new slave quarters  or cell, there was a basic wooden bed  and a blanket, it was not cold now but would be freezing in winter time. There was a circular ring set into the wall like a medieval prison, it was here that I was to be chained naked each night. There was a basic Latrine in the corner, and a table, chair and lamp. 
“I will turn off the light each night at eleven o clock, the switch is outside so it is I Your Goddess and owner that will control the very light that  you see by, I may also check on you periodically through the spy hole in the door to make sure that you are behaving yourself. When you are not cleaning or serving me in the house I will set you tasks here to keep your mind from straying. I will control you completely, I want to eventually get it to the level where you can’t do anything without me controlling it and in turn controlling you completely as my compliant chattel. You will write out lines like an errant school boy or you will be given tasks to achieve like learning to speak Romanian. You may also set up here  in your jail cell an altar dedicated to my honour, you can print out your favourite images of Your Stapana and have them displayed prominently so I can be worshiped daily. You may also have keepsakes that i may occasionally toss to you like pairs of my used soiled panties or canes I have used to beat you with. You will kiss the canes and smell the soiled and perfumed panties when I am absent to enforce my rule even when you are not in my wonderful presence. My face and scent will always be with You and my eyes will forever be watching You and looking into the very depths of your slavish soul, remember I now know all your weaknesses slave r and I know your every move and desire better than you do yourself.  Now kneel and kiss the feet of your owner, Stapana and Goddess”.
I kneeled and placed a tender kiss on her booted foot, and with that Stapana led me back outside into the dungeon to inspect my cleaning. “Tut tut slave, what have we here, the dungeon toilet hasn’t been cleaned properly, you don’t expect a dominant Queen such as myself that is used to the finer things in life to have to sit on a toilet  that isn’t 100% spotless? If you are lucky you may be assigned to be my toilet boy occasionally and serve and wait on me here, kneeling by the commode head bowed holding the toilet paper, wiping me front and back, or even as a special earned treat cleaning my ass fully with your tongue…but if the toilet is not cleaned and in immaculate condition that will never happen, understood?” 
“Yes Stapana” I said, my head bowed, the toilet looked ok to me and she was finding fault on purpose but the suggestion that I may be allowed sometime in the future to lick her magnificent asshole clean made me determined to have the toilet  scrubbed as if brand new.”Now get down on your hands and knees and scrub that toilet till it sparkles.” With that She grabbed my head pushed it down into the toilet bowl and pulled the handle, my head was flushed with the toilet water. She then chained me to a ringlet at the side  of the toilet, She tossed me a toothbrush and said “Get scrubbing slave, if its not perfect you will be cleaning the bowl with only your tongue next time., and if its not right you won’t be fed today understood?” 
“Yes Stapana” I quietly said, resigned to my fate yet more excited and elated that I had ever been before. I felt the energy flow between myself and this amazing woman I obeyed and worshipped. She was the Dominatrix I had found when lost and stumbling in the wilderness, i was the slave enduring her tasks and training,  being slowly moulded into the  object She ultimately wished me to become for Her. 
” I will return in ten minutes, all had better be cleaned”. I quickly scrubbed and cleaned the toilet, inside the bowl and around  the sides, it was totally spotless, just in time as Stapana returned again. She stood above me hands on her hips inspecting my work, would She find fault and beat me or would She be pleased?
“Well done slave” She exclaimed clearly pleased, “you are getting the idea, here is your reward”. She placed a silver dog bowl on the floor, it had the letter R on it for slave  r i presumed. In it were leftovers from Her meal that She must have had in the main area of the house, scraps of meat and lumps of what looked like potato and carrot mashed together. She simply pointed at the bowl without speaking. I was starving so lowered my head into the bowl and proceeded to eat, just like a dog, at Her feet. To complete the humiliation She placed her boot on my neck and forced my head further down into the bowl. She alternated between two hands, Her left hand pointing to indicate that I should eat from the bowl and the right hand pointing to Her boot, so as She pointed I changed between eating from the bowl to licking her boot clean. The taste of leather was intense.  I ate greedily not knowing when I might be fed again as now I was simply Her property and She controlled even when I ate. My fate and future were entirely in Her hands.
After I had licked the bowl clean, She broke up a few actual doggy biscuits and sprinkled them in the bowl. She pointed  again, and I started to feed on my desert, but it was very dry and I had trouble eating. My Stapana could  See this….”Slave lie on your back doormat position with mouth open again”. I lay there, in one movement a plastic  funnel was placed in my mouth and Stapana squatted over it, with Her catsuit zip opened. A steady stream of Her divine and hot Goddess piss hit the back of my throat, I quickly swallowed and the dryness from the doggy biscuits immediately vanished. It was the 2nd time i had tasted my Stapanas urine that day,  the taste of it was growing on me like a fine wine. Then Stapana got off my face and squatted instead over the dog bowl, She filled it to the brim with the last of Her superior Domina pee. Without needing to be told I dipped my slave tongue in the bowl and started to lap  up Her yellow offering, occasionally I would look up and see my Stapana cruelly smiling, hands on hips. She didnt seem to mind me looking directly at Her without being told, our eyes met and  She laughed, enjoying the sight of Her pathetic piss drinking slave beneath Her, who She now owned  totally. My humiliation was complete, yet I reveled  in the abasement She meted out to me. The crueller and more devilish the punishment, suffering and humiliation She dished out to me the more I loved and worshipped Her,  I knew deep down She cared  for me and admired the lengths  I was willing to go to sacrifice my body for her and ultimately please Her.
“Ok, that’s nearly it for tonight slave r, you will spend your first night in the cell behind bars and then back  to work on Monday. I will give you new bank details that I want you to from now to transfer your monthly wages into. All your money goes to me your new owner, you will have to ask permission to go out in future and also ask for some pocket money, also you give notice to your land lord that you will be moving out of your house. 
Dont forget to polish my boots and latex outfits tomorrow, you will clean and polish them each day for me, and if any dust anywhere or fine incorrectly you will be punished. Real slavery is serving and working FOR ME….and and one last very important thing in case I forget”……
With that my beautiful Stapana, held  up a smallish transparent chasity Device. “Present your cock and balls  to your Stapana slave” She grabbed my balls, gave them a squeeze and examined them quickly. “Yes nicely emptied earlier” She slipped the chasity  device over my flaccid cock and locked it at the top with a small lock. 
” Now slave we will have a very quick mini ritual to celebrate your first chasity Device, repeat after me these words……I slave r vow to be a chaste slave for my Stapana. My cock and balls i offer up as Your personal property. This chasity Device bonds me with You physically but also mentally  I am bound to You. I worship You for eternity “.  I repeated the words verbatim then I had to kiss the key which my Goddess then placed around her neck on a light chain necklace. I then kissed each cheek of her ass as a servile show of devotion to seal the ritual. She told me that I would be allowed to cum occasionally, my balls  emptied either through a ruined  orgasm or if possible by prostate milking only. Also in time She would reinsert the butt plug each morning before work so my slave hole would be open for her throughout my working day. 
Later lying on the hard wooden bunk, with the itchy blanket around me, a chain running through the ring on the front of my slave collar, the other end shackled to the wall, I pondered  my first night of proper slavery and thought of my Stapana ensconced in Her luxurious bedroom. So many thoughts went through my mind, would I pass Her stringent trial period and graduate to full time collared slave or would I be cast aside? would I earn the mark of Sinn and would She brand me with Her initials to show Her ownership of me until the day I die?…. I would continue to think of Her well into the night until I drifted off to sleep, and in the morning She would be my first waking thought, my high priestess, unique  living Goddess and magnificent Stapana Ezada Sinn.
Domina Ezada Sinn in black shiny fetish clothes with whip
 Picture by Phil_I_am