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  1. nigella
    26.04.2014 @ 02:14

    Thank You for clarifying how You use a slave as Your ash tray. Its such a good use of the slave it seems a shame that Mistress’s who do not smoke may miss the opportunity to use Her slave’s wide open and receptive mouth. Does Mistress have other uses for this handy self-propelled receptacle, such as spitoon, slop bucket, nail clipping disposal unit. The potential uses is limited only by Mistress’s imagination.

  2. slave ron
    02.04.2015 @ 04:03

    I love to serve Mistress as a human ashtray. This servitude is the right of every dominant female and intensifies feeling of being submissive to a truly dominant female. I love when Mistress acts as if this is the most natural thing in the world to do with submissive makes.

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