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  1. Sqweegel
    18.04.2014 @ 08:25

    Dear Mistress Ezada,

    first of all, thank You again for this instruction.
    one Q: is this gesture used only for slaves wearing a device, or is it a generic gesture also used for novice slaves to present that what is now Yours?


  2. Ezada
    18.04.2014 @ 08:28

    Present balls is used when the chastity is not on. Present chastity is used when the chastity is locked around his genitals. It is a generic gesture.

  3. horstie fm
    19.04.2014 @ 08:39

    Thank You. That’s a really convincing position of symbolic importance. A determinant pointer of Yours – and he hands over his balls. You control his male sexuality and and he endures Your full female supremacy. He puts his destiny in Your hands.

  4. horstie fm
    19.04.2014 @ 10:27

    “He puts his destiny in Your hands.” But it’s not a decision of his humble mind. It depends only on YOUR decisive will. If You wish it, You will command it – just by Your pointer. He will love Your divine fingers, thankfully.

  5. Christoph
    22.04.2014 @ 09:08

    Dear Mistress Ezada,

    you are so right with your statement about the little details. It is how slaves can show you respect if they care about every little detail that they were told from the Mistress.

    Thank you so much for your instructions

  6. Andrea
    20.05.2014 @ 22:55

    i’m sorry Goddess Ezada, the slave in this position is looking forward, watching only Your hand for the following command, right?

    thanks for all Goddess.

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