Position Manual for submissive males – Position 6: Ashtray

This is a very useful position even for the non-smokers amongst you. As you have noticed already, there are positions for every body opening of the slave to present himself to you in all openness and vulnerability. This one here is for the mouth. In Ashtray he will bend his head back and open his mouth wide to be ready to receive whatever you feel like throwing into it. Cigarette ash, the butt of your cigarette, your spit, the warm golden liquid that is much to precious to be flushed down the toilet…

Note that he will not have permission to swallow until given expressly. This is especially nice with insertions that leave a bad taste in his mouth so he will have to fight the urge to put away with it. Having him carry the ash of a whole cigarette in his snout is wonderful. As you deliciously inhale your draws you will calmly watch his ever intensifying inconvenience. His mouth will soon dry out and the desire for a simple gulp will become overwhelming. Combines nicely with a golden shower after you´re finished with the cigarette.


6 ashtray position Mistress 6 ashtray position slave

The hand symbol for this command is self explaining. The indication finger of the Mistress moves quickly up and down as if she was detaching some ash from the tip of her cigarette.

GIF ashtray 6 ashtray position details

Some useful advice if you want to stub out a cigarette on his tongue: If you want to help him, spit into his mouth just before applying the cigarette and tell him not to swallow. The additional saliva in his mouth will protect his tongue from the heat of the glow. If on the other hand, he needs severe punishment, wipe his tongue dry before the act. The dry tongue will be burnt immediately giving him something to remember for days.