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  1. bob
    27.01.2014 @ 16:58

    Available’m Goddess! Alwaus and anytime!
    I love Our Lady EZADA!

  2. Philu
    27.01.2014 @ 21:56

    Dear wonderfull mistress Ezada,

    As soon as you would point your finger, I would grovel on my belly and start worshipping your boots, begging you not to hit me too hard with your bullwhip…what would you do?
    Boot kiss

  3. tomas
    28.01.2014 @ 00:13

    Mistress Ezada Sinn, I love your dress, wonderful red color, you shining up the world and make it a better place to live in…… The

  4. Gazan Kahn
    28.01.2014 @ 01:43

    Men should serve you as long he is alive Love to be your SLAVE

  5. slave alfredo
    05.02.2014 @ 15:16

    Elegant LADY EZADA,

    YOUR foto shows, YOU are a real QUEEN.

    I like to see YOU in every style, YOU dress. On this Foto very elegant, on other fotos extremly cruel, sometimes unbeleaveble sexy and then again very strong, for example in leather. And most of YOUR fotos ara a combintion of two or three of YOUR styles.

    But please, tell us stupid slaves: What is YOUR style, YOU prefer?

    Or which kind of combination YOU like most?

    i am there, where YOUR finger Shows – afraid of YOUR bull-Whip.

    And i am ready, to learn YOUR commands. Be sure, i do not hesitate!!!

    slave alfredo

  6. Desy
    08.03.2014 @ 23:45

    henri on December 21, 2011 on comprend que on on tien a une femme on pusise devenir son esclave. Certaines prostitue9es vont plus loin , elles acceptent toutes les turpitudes par amour, ta femme-maeetresse doit valoir le coup pour que tu pusises accepter tout cela. elle fait cela comme une partie de tennis, mais c’est toi qu’elle aime. Gardes la bien, meilleurs voeux a vous deux . Henri

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