Picture of the week 5 2014 – Obeying without hesitation

This week’s pic is all about details:

Can you see the handle of My bull whip lurking in My purse? Always in sight for My slave, always ready for action… A constant promise of pain.

And, then, My finger: Pointing down to the ground. This is not just a pose for a photo. It is an unmistakable command. The finger speaks to My slave in silence. It says: “Kneel down exactly here where My finger tells You to.”
True obedience is to kneel down and worship, always, without a second thought. No matter where that then might be. In My dungeon or somewhere in public, right in the middle of Retiro park.

My slaves for sure won´t hesitate. Would You?

So if you think you wouldn´t: Stay tuned for My “Manual” to be published in February and learn everything You need to know about female commands and how to follow them precisely.


Kneel and kiss My boot, slave!