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  1. Christoph
    14.02.2014 @ 11:53

    This is such a perfect scenario! Only few men have the honour to give themselves into the hands of such an amazing Mistress.

  2. bootslavetoeleise
    16.02.2014 @ 20:00

    It was an absolute honour and a privilege to serve and suffer for Lady Ezada Sinn. I hope to do so again in the future, assuming I receive permission from my owner, Mistress Eleise to whom I am most grateful.

  3. slave cur
    26.02.2014 @ 19:31

    im also a slave dog to her highness mistress eleise

  4. Nico
    08.03.2014 @ 15:21

    Being collard by the Lady Ice Queen would be a dream come true! There is nothnig better than being owned by a woman in control! I would rather serve on my knees and elbows than stand on my own two feet!

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