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  1. MADHU
    08.07.2017 @ 18:14

    no other mistresses come near to mistress E ZADA

  2. nuli
    11.07.2017 @ 11:35

    Goddess Ezada and Mistress Ava von Medisin are both powerful goddesses, in their presence, every slave had better be silent and clean and obedient, only thinking how to please them, how to be their best slave, it’s an issue of how to make them aroused and pleasant, especially for Goddess Ezada, one should always have the attitude of self denying and self sacrefice. To quell one’s dirty male desire, one should be not only ready to have frigid shower on the cock, but even ready to be castrated. To serve Goddess Ezada as an eunoch, in nuli’s mind, maybe is a way of service to satisfy Her.

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