Picture of the week 26 2017 – Hot ruined orgasm in a cold shower

I’ve kept My bitch in controlled chastity for the last two weeks, unfortunately having to listen to him continually beg for a release. My friend Mistress Ava von Medisin and I have decided that We need to cool this slave off by dousing him in a cold shower, aided by a heavy reminder that We own his cock and balls. he is so aroused that even frigid water or painful cock and ball slaps can’t seem to quell his erection. Not only is the amount of precum oozing out of his chastity cage disgusting but, out of nowhere, the slave dares to cum without Our permission. Oh, this slave has such a dirty cock and he will pay for his indiscretions. We are going to milk him cold and dry till his balls are empty and his cock is useless, red, and sore. There shall be no pleasure for this slave, only abandoned ruined orgasms and his thick gooey filth licked off a cold tile floor.