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  1. nuli
    20.07.2017 @ 05:33

    pink poodle’s writing represents most of nuli’s ideas. nuli agrees with pink poodle on EzadaSinnism. From the day Goddess Ezada sent me for the first time one of Her nice pictures at the beginning of 2015, nuli found his life totally changed, Goddess Ezada makes nuli much much better than before, and She makes nuli realize the meaning of life, to live for Goddess Ezada, to respect every woman, as Her female supremacy advocates. Her pleasure is the most important for nuli, nuli is always trying his best to please Goddess. nuli is making his continuous efforts to servde Her. nuli believes, there is no best service of nuli to Goddess, there is only better service. nuli will serve Goddess better and better, to please Her more and more. This is nuli’s mission whole of his life.

  2. Robert Davenport
    07.07.2018 @ 12:05

    Goddess is so incredible, so beautiful and so caring.

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