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  1. Sean
    12.06.2015 @ 01:15

    I´m a submissive male and i strongly believe in Femdom and Female Supremacy. I truly believe my purpose is to serve Ladies and make their lives as comfortable as possible.

    Old customs has always faschinated me. For example, In the old days of chivalry, men were expected to lay their coats over a puddle for a Lady to walk across, so her feet wouldn´t get wet. It also proved how much he valued her and put her before himself.

    I´ve often wondered what the right thing to do for a Dominant Woman would be in that situation. Would it be an idea to just lay flat on my back in the mud puddle myself, so she could walk all over my body to keep her pretty precious feet and expensive high heels from getting dirty?

    What is Your thoughts on that? I think that would truly show her how much i´d value her over myself and how much i was willing to do for her…

  2. Ezada
    12.06.2015 @ 11:07

    I appreciate very much chivalry. In public a submissive male should always show respect to every woman, especially to his Mistress and her lady friends.

    I think the story mentioned by you is attributed to Sir Walter Raleigh who laid his coat over a puddle to show his loyalty to Queen Elizabeth I. We can never know if this was a true story or not (probably is not true) but I like its symbolism: at that time a coat must have been very expensive and ruining it for the well being of a lady is a symbol of putting that lady’s comfort above his.

    Nowadays, I find a similar gesture too old fashion but why not carry the lady on your shoulders, like a pony, and make her avoid the puddle. That, of course if this is what she wants.

  3. Sean
    12.06.2015 @ 23:32

    I´m always a gentleman and truly believe in Ladies First. I always open doors for women and stand aside to always let them enter first, offer to carry their bags, help them with anything else they might need help with, let them go ahead of me whenever there´s a line…Just to show they´re more important than me. I love the kind of Lady that like/are used to, or even expects that from a man as well! The kind of women who really like to be treated as real Ladies.

    I´ve actually always had the fantasy of just lying in a puddle myself and let a Lady walk on me just so her feet dont get dirty…As long as i can remember…Wouldn´t mind at all doing it for you…And i admit – if i only saw you somewhere – i´d secretly think something like “That Lady would never have to walk through a puddle with me around…I would gladly lay on my back in the mud so she could tiptoe all over me instead to keep her pretty little feet and expensive stilettos clean and get safely to dry land again! What a goddess!!”

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