L´homme chien

Once more, a lovely vintage illustration from My beloved period of Art Nouveau: This has been the cover of a French book that was first issued in 1906 under the name “L´homme chien” (man dog). Later it was published under the title “La Comtesse au Fouet” (Duchess of whips).  The book is by a French author named Pierre Dumarchais who became known under the name Pierre Mac Orlan. The beautiful painting is by the Austrian illustrator Raphael Kirchner.

Unfortunately I couldn´t find out too much about the book, other than it is about a female heroine of Leopold von Sacher Masoch. Also there doesn´t sadly seem to be an English version so far.

Well they say “You can´t judge a book b y the cover” but this one I´d really love to read. Is it not so alluring? Does it not make the imagination come up with the most arousing ideas?

The splendid woman with the white dress nonchalantly holding the single tail whip with her elegant fingers. It seems to be her wedding day … and the day of enslavement of her husband same time. Worthy he is for nothing but only to carry the hem of her wonderful long wedding robe in his slavish mouth. Down from his knees he looks up to his beautiful young wife and Mistress with the priceless expression of adoration, submission, love and fear. Haughtily the aristrocatic women looks back down on her man dog. “you are Mine!” her silent glance says. The way the unequal couple exchanges looks tells us everything about their relation, their future life…

So, My loquacious French speaking slaves and devotees out there: Anybody useful enough among you who is able and willing to offer Me an English translation of “L´homme chien”? purcelus, what about you?

L'homme chien

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