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  1. pink poodle
    18.10.2016 @ 23:02

    Your wicked imagination never ceases to amaze Stapana mea

  2. jaguar sub
    20.10.2016 @ 14:29

    Well, it was one of the most satisfying and exciting readings of my day.

    Im into chastity now and thinking what would i had done.

    thank You Mistress.

  3. Ezada
    20.10.2016 @ 14:41

    I am glad you liked it.

  4. sit - slave of Ezada
    21.10.2016 @ 03:20

    Locked and ignored, oh what fun Stapana.

  5. Footstool
    12.11.2016 @ 00:46

    Let me have the inner mistress to be fully owned and controled

    Thank you footstool (951)312-9151

  6. Footstool
    12.11.2016 @ 00:47

    Mistress own me and total control over me

    Thank you footstool (951)312-9151

  7. rich
    24.12.2018 @ 20:05

    I am so honored to feel and believe that I am discovering the unmatched beauty, power strength and control this magnificent superior Goddess Lady Ezada has over all others… The sight of Her is absolutely stunning ( I am awestruck by the sight of Her – love and adore the way She wears Her make up , love and adore seeing Her bright happy smile – no doubt She is the ..”Supreme Lady”.. has unworldly strengths , and abilities….Yesterday I was mesmerzized and totally awestruck watching Her videos – the most compelling one where She had Her husband on his back, and was stoking his cock – teaching /training Her beautiful daughter to enslave her father ( how lucky that man is being married to Her ) .. I feel so honor discovered this superior lady – can not imagine being placed before Her – at Her magnificent high heeled feet I would be trembling with fear ..My thoughts would would be entirely focused on serving pleasing and obeying every one of Her lordly commands for Her pleasure and amusment.. Realisticially the commitment and process in becoming one of Her slaves pets etc. is long and a huge responsibility.. Considering the fact I am dealing with several personal issues which need my focus and attention – I may have to wait to commit until I can devote myself to Her…what an honor and thrill it is to write and experience the feeling of witnessing heaven /greatness.

  8. Godfrey
    26.08.2019 @ 02:06

    Just want to know if you need any more slaves for

  9. firasat
    24.08.2020 @ 08:40

    Hi my name firasat I give serves

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