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  1. TubbySubby
    08.07.2016 @ 16:42

    i have spent a lifetime looking for a Mistress to whom i could commit to fully and completely. One of the biggest obstacles in my mind was always my refusal to become a cuckold. Now that i have encountered Goddess Ezada Sinn and read Her blog posts and comments regarding the importance of cuckoldry i understand that a male can be submissive and obedient to his Mistress without being cuckolded but he can never be truly OWNED until he willingly and gratefully accepts his Mistress as cuckoldress.
    There is nothing wrong with admiring the beauty and sexual power of Goddess Ezada. However, as a submissive male, if you allow Her to guide you and you really embrace what She teaches, She can erase the mental and emotional barriers preventing you from becoming who you really are. More importantly, you can become a useful member of Her stable and a small part of Her amazing life.
    This is just one of the reasons why so many males seek out Her guidance and willingly and happily work for Her and suffer and struggle for Her amusement and pleasure.

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