Ezada the cuckoldress

I am always pleased when I inspire fantasies, especially when My fans are talented artists. DALEX wrote Me an email some weeks ago telling Me he enjoys My clips and he was inspired to draw a comic with Me as a protagonist. Obviously I was very curious to see it and because I liked it very much I asked him if it is possible to publish it on My blog, for all My fans to see.

Cuckolding is an old fantasy of Mine. I enjoyed the idea of being a “hot wife” long before I found about BDSM. However during the last years I realized I am not really attracted by “bulls” at all. My submissive boys are everything I wish for sexually. As you may know, I am into polyandry – I have D/s relationships with several submissive males. Training them to accept My other D/s relationships, the love that I may have for My other boys, the fact that they will never be “the only man in My life” is a proof of their submission, love and obedience. In a way they are all bulls or cuckolds at any certain moment.

So here it is:

[gview file=”https://mistressezada.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/EZADA-CUCKOLDRESS.pdf”]