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  1. pink poodle
    04.10.2016 @ 21:26

    Thank You for publishing Stapana, it is an honour to be trained by You

  2. slave pete
    05.10.2016 @ 02:34

    Pink poodle some very good tips, I haven’t tried bananas, but seems a good idea. Your training has definitely paid off, but there again you have been trained by the best – of course I am talking about our divine Goddess – the delectable Mistress Ezada Sinn.

    I would however like to add that I believe Mistress Ezada makes it very easy for us subs to give her pleasure and make Her happy. There are probably many, but three things come to mind, first is simply this; accept humiliation no matter how degrading,

    Second. Be grateful for being whipped, and fully appreciative of what you are receiving, since Mistress Ezada doesn’t whip Her slaves out of malice but is in fact bestowing affection. So with each lash of Her single tail whip is demonstrating Her affection.

    But possibly if a sub really wanted to please his Goddess even more – he would beg for more punishment – sorry I mean more affection i.e. more whipping. Taking pain, even affectionate pain demonstrates to Goddess Ezada a sub’s true commitment, and willingness to serve.

    Third. Be fully trained and prepared to suck cock as & when instructed!

  3. tomas
    05.10.2016 @ 12:41

    Thanks for sharing, exciting to read

  4. “Banana trigger” by pink poodle – Dog Couture Country
    07.10.2016 @ 06:44

    […] Source: […]

  5. nuli
    22.10.2016 @ 15:18

    This banana essay and photos are impressive. i like everything Goddess Ezada uses to train Her slaves.

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