“Banana trigger” by pink poodle

Bananas, they are just a fruit aren’t they? That’s what i once thought, but like so many things, my perception of bananas has changed significantly since joining Goddess Ezada’s training.


Bananas form an important part of my training, i must use them daily and always have bananas in my home. What must i do, you ask…..anyone who has watched this clip www.EzadaSinn.com/9383317 will know. Goddess uses them to train me in cock sucking, i have to practice deep throating them. It is important that i am ready for Goddess’ cock when i am allowed to meet Her. In my second skype session with Goddess, i had to show Her how i was progressing. This was early in my training, and i was not so good. One must be able to take the banana deep without leaving teeth marks. i took it as deep as possible, but the gagging effect caused me to bite. More training was needed, there would be plenty since i was to practice every day. Every day i would lick the tip, kiss up and down the length of the banana before taking it as deep as I could. Deepthroating it is not easy, the gag reflex is strong, but i keep training and do my best to please Goddess. i would send Goddess pictures and videos of my training, often putting on lipstick so Goddess can see how deep I have managed to take the banana.


After much practice, i am able to take a full banana in my mouth. i still gag, but i am able to control it and leave the banana unmarked. At the FemDom Retreat, Goddess uses this to humiliate me in front of all the Mistress’ at dinner. Goddess has me explain how i train with bananas and how i can take a full banana in my mouth. i am utterly humiliated and Goddess revels in it, seeing Goddess happy makes the humiliation easier to cope with. Any slave of Goddess Ezada must accept that humiliation will be a part of his life. In the evening Mistress Ava gets a banana for me to demonstrate, my humiliation is deepened, but i manage to take the whole thing and Goddess is pleased. This is the reality of life under Goddess’ control, one exists for Her pleasure and must put aside any personal discomfort.

It goes deeper than that though, Goddess has so ingrained bananas into a part of my sex life that i find myself unable to see them without getting a little embarrassed at my thoughts. Just this morning i was in the supermarket, bananas were on my shopping list of course. Browsing the bananas, i search for the biggest and greenest i can find. i find myself becoming excited, the bigger the bananas the more excited i become. i know the Woman next to me knows nothing, but i find myself becoming embarrassed. i’m sure i must have been blushing.


The size and ripeness of the bananas is extremely important, green bananas are much better. An overripe banana is no good, it is far too soft. Why does this matter? Well, sucking and deepthroating isn’t all that i may have to do. In my skype session with Goddess i was ordered to peel a banana and insert it. The banana was a little overripe, and so this became very messy. Let me tell you, sitting there with banana dribbling out of you is very humiliating. From that time on i would always try to find the greenest bananas i could, i never know what i will be ordered to do.

Ripeness is even more important when they are used for my ass fucking training.

Those who follow me on twitter may have seen this image of Goddess’s poodle using bananas while watching Her clips. This task had multiple purposes. 1. it was very humiliating. 2. To strengthen the association between bananas and sex which Goddess had developed. 3. To train me to associate having things inserted in my ass with pleasure.

picture from the Internet

So here i am today, someone who used to enjoy eating bananas but now, due to Goddess Ezada’s training, unable to look at a banana without thinking about where it could be inserted.


I strongly believe in training My servants to use household objects or or other things that can be found in any house. Not only because it is easy for them (they don’t have to buy sometimes expensive S&M toys, they don’t have to hide them in case they need to be very discreet) but also because I know that in time, every time they will see/use the respective objects in their everyday activities, it will be a reminder of their training.