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  1. stephen
    03.10.2016 @ 08:54

    Mistress you are so beautiful I dream of one day being able to kneel before you in total submission to be able to lick the dirt from your boots is what I was born to do. Is there any chance you might travel to Ireland some time I am here the serve all your needs my servitude to you will be 100% I will give my mind body and soul over to you. You can take ownership of me and do whatever you like with me please please come to Ireland I beg you.

  2. TubbySubby
    03.10.2016 @ 16:46

    Seeing this kind of consistent and unprompted devotion from Goddess Ezada Sinn’s slaves, servants and devotees is evidence of the respect and admiration that She is capable of inspiring. As one of Her servants, it’s reassuring to know that She has so many committed and adoring followers. i’m proud to be a small part of Her amazing life.

  3. tomas
    05.10.2016 @ 12:20

    Extremely sexy and beautiful, perfect color, my place is defently under Goddess lovely feet

  4. horstie fm
    05.10.2016 @ 19:59

    Thank You, Stapana, for using my stills and captures. You make me happy. i’m a lucky boy since i got Your clip. Ever and ever i’m mostly aroused by this clip, by Your voice, by Your words. You enforce ma addiction to You, to Your power, Your body, Your control. i’m happy to experience Your seduction. i follow Your guidance. At all, i’ve no free will anymore. i just want to exist below and underneath You.
    Watching this clip (or others of Yours) i wank for You, i get aroused, i stay on the edge as You like it. i don’t dare to cum without Your permission. So i become more docile, more humble, more obedient, more addicted. So i will only serve You.
    My release? i repeat the mantra. i post more of Your pictures on my blog. i praise Your authority, Your bonniness, Your classiness, Your dominance. i praise Ezadasinnism, the true religion of Female Supremacy. All in all, i worship Your Female Superiority, Your outstanding Female personality, the perfect Feminity and perfect Female dominance!
    You are The One And Only Goddess. i’m proud belonging to You!

  5. Ezada
    05.10.2016 @ 20:00

    you belong to Me!

  6. Ezada
    05.10.2016 @ 20:01

    Always under My feet, worshiping Me!

  7. onlyezada
    07.10.2016 @ 08:29

    It’s so pleasant to see Mistress’s religion is spreading so fast. All of Her slaves are so devoted and dedicated that i don’t think there would be any example of this in the modern history. i think a new era, a new chapter in the history is about to be written as Mistress Ezada, the Queen of all the men in the world.

    Accept me also at Your feet Mistress.

  8. nuli
    22.10.2016 @ 15:23

    “i am proud of my place under Goddess Ezada’s feet!” is the voice from the bottom of my heart.

  9. Ezada
    26.10.2016 @ 11:39

    you are Mine, nuli

  10. nuli
    01.11.2016 @ 20:36

    Thank You, my Goddess. i am always Yours. i belong to You forever!

  11. Raj
    30.12.2016 @ 05:08

    I love to worship your feet, boot and heel. My dream to become your slave mistress. Kindly make me your slave

  12. Alex
    29.09.2017 @ 02:04

    Your feet so beautiful i loved and i like to workship them

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