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  1. horstie fm
    29.10.2016 @ 19:22

    he is in control of the most perfect male trainer! The training of our Goddess is obviously most effective – and it’s a male transformation with no return

  2. Slave Juha
    29.10.2016 @ 21:35

    Doamna Ezada Sinn is very powerfull Goddess. I am way to be her slave. But now i train only whit tasks etc…

  3. Ezada
    29.10.2016 @ 21:37

    you are on the good path, My slave juha

  4. nuli
    03.11.2016 @ 04:50

    As Goddess Ezada’s slave, i share a lot of feeling with this slave of Hers. i am doing almost the same as he does every day to worship Goddess Ezada. Having read this essay, i realize i have to make more efforts to deserve Goddess Ezada’s divine love. i bear the marks of Her devine love on my mind, how i am longing the new marks of Her devine love to be renewed on my body by Her tender and powerful hand. Goddess Ezada, i worship You! i belong to You forever!

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