After his first month in My training

“My Goddess,
dear estimated Reader!

I’m not a young man and generally it is believed at this age we would be experienced enough and had the clarification to be no longer fully subjected of the allure of femininity or even completely delivered by the female essence.

And yet here I am sitting with a collar and nipple clamps on, my butt stuffed with my biggest plug and writing this story on command of my Mistress. Every day i start with a greeting message to my Goddess and finish it with Her picture on my mind.


If you have ever seen, dear reader, a picture or video of my beautiful Mistress and Goddess, then you’ll understand me. You’ll understand what it means to be under her control, so I no longer want to give up, no matter what indignities may bring it.

And I have every reason to learn humility and strict discipline. And what can a man act disciplining, as not to be master of his sexuality any more, no more touching his own cock without permission. My Mistress calls this “mental chastity”.

The effect is really enormous. My nocturnal arousal and erections increase daily and there is no prospect of relief. My thoughts are only with my Mistress. My Mantra is “i belong to You

Sometimes only edging and when orgasm is allowed, only ruined. My only real orgasm was ass plugged, collared and chained in a humble position, and after that licking my cum from the floor like a dog. Humiliated and degraded, a real pet.


I wear for days the collar at night and on Her command even the plug. What even affects my dreams.
Of course, that is not enough, and so I was commanded to wear the real chastity device.

At night it is a thing of evil. Especially if the nightly arousal should be set, and it does. How could it be otherwise, if my Mistress orders to edge before going to sleep, because she likes it to see me suffer for Her.

When the cock wants to blow the cage and the metal ring of the chastity bites into the balls then there is no longer to think of sleep or relax. Rather you want to fall down on your knees and kiss the floor under the feet of my Goddess asking for mercy.

I do not think my Mistress is satisfied with this. And is it not my job to do so? And to do what makes me happy myself suffering for my Goddess until She is satisfied. I don’t write this so easy out. I am actually happy if my Mistress is satisfied.

I’ll get used to the thought that this is only the beginning of my journey to real slavery and complete submission.
All i’m going to say is “Yes Goddess”.

Your unworthy online slave”

Written at My request, by the newest addition to My harem, slave in training t