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  1. frank
    31.03.2014 @ 23:23

    Breathtaking read. Frightening. Arousing.

  2. Ezada
    31.03.2014 @ 23:25

    but real!

  3. John
    01.04.2014 @ 00:21


  4. Asmondena's butler
    02.04.2014 @ 16:14

    You are so mighty and cruel! The way You enjoy Your teasing the slave delaying the excruciating pain and revealing the painful details is just breathtaking. And of course the pain of the branding itself, on top of the humiliation of being marked forever.

  5. wow
    02.04.2014 @ 19:56

    If someone is a slave for life, branding is the best espacially on the cheek or the forehead. I will write you a mail.

  6. Gazan Kahn
    02.04.2014 @ 23:24

    Mistress Goddess I would die to serve you ONCE in my LIFE will surrender whatever I Have

  7. James Bondage
    05.04.2014 @ 14:39

    Yes, scary to think about but arousing!

  8. Andrea
    21.05.2014 @ 11:02

    uh…a real Domina…not a fictional character…extraordinary and yes…very very exciting!

  9. tomas
    19.06.2014 @ 00:49

    Mistress Ezada Sinn. frightening reading. but it’s just to admire and surrender to you….

  10. david heald
    03.07.2014 @ 02:48

    Mistress Ezada, i am awestruck by the concept of You branding Your male slaves in this way. The symbolism, the permanence and finality of the marking is so profound. The reality and inescapability of lifelong slavery to You.! Since i first read this i cannot get the thought out of my mind. Is it my destiny to become one of Your branded slaves?

  11. john
    12.01.2015 @ 01:32

    Anything I say can not describe your magic beauty, so I just say one thing:you are the god which created the universe…

  12. bootlicker
    23.10.2015 @ 01:27

    Most Esteemed Mistress Ezada, may it please Your Excellency,

    Thank You for your clear presentation and discussion of Your philosophy of slave-branding. Without question, Your slave chattels are fortunate and privileged to carry Your mark of ownership on their hides. Your brand is a constant reminder of the pleasure that these unworthy male creatures were honored to provide for Your Divine Ladyship by their suffering and endurance of pain for You.

    Humbly groveling at Your beautiful feet,


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